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How Krista Howard Transitioned from the Corporate World into a Full-time DIY Home Projects Expert

Necessity, they say, is the mother of inventions, and Krista Howard has found herself reinventing her passion, desires, and wants in life. From working a 9 to 5 corporate job, she considered entrepreneurship when her husband, Cully, got diagnosed with testicular cancer. And with an underlying passion for do-it-yourself projects, she made it a side business to complement what she made from her job and chip in for Cully’s treatment.

Since 2015, she has developed a comprehensive business plan and grown her side business into a full-time thing. She quit her job towards the end of 2016, and not long after, her husband beat cancer, and Krista never looked back since then. Four years down the line, Krista Howard has become an expert Colorado-based DIY Home Blogger, Content Creator, and Business Owner who runs the Krista Howard blog.

She is passionate about helping women achieve budget-friendly and beautiful home designs. She is well-grounded in using real-life options and an easy-to-follow approach that everyone can easily access. She shares her projects to inspire and motivate other DIY lovers to recreate them. Her journey into the entrepreneurial world started from her love for thrift store furniture transformations, and now she has turned it into a dream that many people are aspiring to be a part of.

She spends time putting up her projects on her blog, talking about them, giving tips, and rubbing minds with like-minded individuals. She works with people that have the same interests while doing something she truly loves. If she is asked a thousand times, she will pick her current business over analyzing data (which she did at her former job) every single time. Krista Howard basks in the joy of having enough time to pursue all her other interests outside DIY home projects, such as caring for animals (dogs). She even volunteers at local animal shelters, and she plans to someday own a dog rescue outfit of her own.

Her brand is targeted towards women between the age of 25 and 45 who live in the United States and are interested in DIY home projects, thrifty home decor, affordable Do-It-Yourself home improvements, and home projects for beginners. Her brand is centered around light-hearted, relatable, and quirky design ideas. She brings the diamond out of the rough from her projects, and she proves that there is value in everything when one takes a closer look. 

Also, in her interactions with people interested in her projects, she helps people find the creative parts of them, and she validates all their ideas by showing them the valuable sides of those ideas. The Krista Howard brand is essentially a go-to friend for those looking to explore their creative skills in the home improvement industry. Krista’s dream for her brand is to get opportunities to talk about her brand at home décor events to other enthusiasts. 

She also hopes to land project partnership deals with big home décor corporations and get featured in major publications like Fleamarket Décor, Cottages and Bungalows. Krista Howard is on course to becoming the trusted resource for everything on budget-friendly DIY home décor and improvements.

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