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How Luke Wade Overcame Body Shaming to Become a Fitness Consultant

Luke Wade

Luke Wade has been through a lot of changes in both his body and mind. He has taken everything and every situation that has put him down and used them to build himself back up. He runs an international fitness consulting business based in Fort Worth, Texas. He holds a degree in psychology and a nutrition science minor, additionally holding three years’ experience working in physical therapy.

Luke’s fitness journey started from facing great adversity as a child. To deal with the discomfort of moving schools in 6th grade, he resorted to comfort eating, and it was only a matter of time before his weight got out of hand. His classmates had it out for him, so things got even more difficult. Back home, he had a brother who was more into sports and athletics. Luke took a cue from his brother and decided to join a summer strength and conditioning camp for high school athletes. He started seeing some changes in his physical build, which boosted his confidence.

In 2008, he shattered his elbow while playing football, and that spiraled him down another bout of depression. He almost became suicidal, but what kept him alive was keeping up with his fitness routine. Having overcome these tough times and bounced back through fitness, Luke understands his clients better in his pledge to help them achieve holistically enhanced results.

Upon a sudden career change, Luke enrolled into TCU Neeley’s MBA program 2018 and worked as a geriatrics exercise and water aerobics instructor, while building his one-on-one personal training business from the ground up. Several of these clients remain today after 100+ sessions.

Just as Luke had built up a base of 20+ active clients, COVID-19 hit. While most of his clients were reluctant to opt for online training, several stayed with him and allowed him to train them through the duration of the lockdown. This was the beginning of his foray online. He started marketing online, and the Luke Wade brand started growing. In his words, “It’s amazing how you can monetize now on social media if you learn how to do so. I experimented with some things that were pretty ineffective in the first couple of months. Then I connected with a few mentors who helped me mobilize authenticity to attract clients. I’ve seen my highest grossing months during the pandemic, many thanks to these things I’ve learned along the way. I also co-authored an Amazon best seller ebook. First solo book in the works, ETA Valentine’s Day 2021!”

All through his life, Luke Wade has weathered one storm after another, and that has made him empathetic to how other people feel. He wants to impact the world through his voice and brand, and in the process, give people all over the world messages of hope, redemption, and triumph. He wants everyone to believe that they are capable and that if he could make it, they can too. 

Learn more about the Luke Wade brand on his website and Facebook account.

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