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How Morgan James Publishing Revolutionized the Publishing Industry

Most publishing companies function to print and redistribute books. Morgan James Publishing has been in the business for a long time, revolutionizing the publishing industry for over 17 years.

David Hancock founded Morgan James Publishing. Hancock was a mortgage banker when he realized how publishing a book could enhance people’s credibility for having a high level of expertise in their field. As a mortgage banker, Hancock had reached a plateau in his career and was looking for a way to take his business to the next level. Having spent significant time with marketing masters, Hancock was encouraged to write his own book and embarked on his first endeavor in the world of book publishing.

While publishing the books helped him double his bottom line in less than eight months, he found the traditional publishing process to be a terrible experience. Hancock would endure for two editions of another book before deciding to self-publish for his third through sixth. He would create Morgan James Publishing in 2003, naming the company after two of his children.

When Hancock first self-published, he wasn’t satisfied with the process, especially because there was a lack of credibility for self-published books compared to those published under a recognized imprint. He would later find mentors who taught him things he didn’t know about publishing. Those mentors became great referral sources for entrepreneurial authors looking for a better publishing solution. With coaching, the authors at Morgan James started to gain better access to traditional media outlets.

Over time, Morgan James Publishing began to revolutionize book publishing by teaching its authors strategies to leverage their book and grow their business, adding value to the authors while staying out of the way. Hancock took his experience, and mentoring, blended the strength, credibility, and distribution of traditional publishing with the author’s flexibility, involvement, and education to help them realize their goals.

Since its inception, Morgan James Publishing has published books that educate, encourage, inspire, and entertain readers with the current, consistent, and relevant titles available wherever books are sold. Their publishing model offers credibility, distribution, and the opportunity of a larger house for entrepreneurial authors while giving them the flexibility and involvement they deserve. Morgan James Publishing has helped authors looking for participation in the decisions of publishing. Unlike other publishing companies, they give them ownership of intellectual property and the opportunity for broader distribution, helping them to succeed beyond the bookstores.

Today, Morgan James Publishing operates globally, having published thousands of titles and dozens of Bestsellers as reported by The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly, that reflect sales to thousands of venues where a wide range of general interest books are being released. The company set up a series of satellite offices across the country for meetings with their clients to maintain a close and personal working relationship with the authors. David Hancock hopes to continue serving others in the traditional publishing world in the years to come. He wants the process to include the author and work towards their goals while helping them with the marketing support they need to be successful.

To find out more about David Hancock and Morgan James Publishing, you may visit their website.

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