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How Munchiez Cannabis Founder and CEO Al Adebo Built His Success From the Ground Up

Countless individuals have set out to become the world’s most prominent entrepreneurs. Many have tried and faltered due to the sheer weight of failure. Visionary entrepreneur Al Adebo has had his fair share of failures over the years, but the success he has accumulated has greatly outweighed what was once an indelible notch on his business acumen. As a relentlessly passionate lifelong learner, he has built up a lot of experience, knowledge and prowess to establish Munchiez Cannabis Dispensary, Nex Mexico’s leading dispensary boutique.

Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, Al Adebo found his footing in the business industry after migrating to the United States on an academic scholarship. He started as an Applied Mathematics student in 2013 but dove into the world of business at the age of 20. He kickstarted his business career in Automotive Sales and quickly gained prominence in the field for his remarkable talents.

“I fell in love with the idea that you can eat what you kill and not work hourly as all my friends did at that age,” shared Al Adebo. In just a single year, Adebo had already risen to the ranks as a Sales Manager for one of the largest high-volume Nissan Dealerships in Dallas, Texas. He attributes much of his current success to the experiences and knowledge he had gathered during his time in the dealership, allowing him to connect and collaborate with business-minded individuals who share the same passion.

In 2018, Al Adebo decided to branch out and start his own ecommerce business by selling wireless chargers and phone accessories. He managed to operate his business while still working at his six-figure job, but his business soon crumbled due to the many logistical challenges.

As an upstart CEO, he lacked a clear vision and trajectory for his brand, to which he explained: “I just followed like every aspiring entrepreneur on social media at the time. I had no passion for it, and I hated waiting 30 days for my customers to get their products from china. A year passed, and I started dreading making everyone else rich while having so much potential and hunger. I realized the owners of the dealerships I worked for were just regular guys with a little bit of capital and a lot of effort.”

Despite the challenges, Al Adebo remained unfazed and decided to move on to another business venture by opening his own ATM business in 2019. This time, he sought advice from the countless YouTube videos he stashed and closely followed successful entrepreneurs, making them his virtual mentors.1

“I watched hundreds of YouTube videos and used up the savings that I had stashed. I bought my first five ATM machines in November of 2019, and I quit my six-figure-a-year job thinking I was gonna get rich overnight,” shared Adebo. “I was open to a rude awakening. It took me two and a half years to get to my first 100 ATMs. If I tell you half of it, you wouldn’t believe me.”

His hard work, grit, passion, and determination allowed him to find the pain points of the current business industry. With a keen eye on certain business matters, Adebo discovered that high-traffic locations were missing out on customers due to high waiting times. With his background in tech and numerous hours of research, he gathered a team of hungry individuals from all across the globe to enact his vision.

The team would attend trade shows showcasing their latest technology and travel across the country to attend events such as Cannacon in Oklahoma City, Chicago Cannabis Expo In Chicago, and Lucky Leaf Expo in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This was when he knew he had finally gained footing in the business industry.

Nowadays, Munchiez Cannabis Dispensary has cemented itself as one of the leading dispensaries in New Mexico. Once New Mexico passed the law to legalize recreational Cannabis, Al Adebo quickly established the company in hopes of serving a wide customer base with exceptional service. Today, its 4000-square-feet superstore proudly serves its clients with Premium-grade medical and recreational Cannabis products. With the challenges he has overcome in the years prior, there is nowhere to go but up from here for Al Adebo and his thriving business enterprise.

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