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How The Creative Agency Is Helping Small Businesses Project a Larger-Than-Life Online Presence

The Creative Agency

It’s common for many small business owners to wonder if growing a business online nowadays is possible at all. Online, it seems as though every service possible has already been made and marketed. But every business owner is capable of bringing something new to the table and growing their business online. Jahna Eichel started The Creative Agency to help entrepreneurs boost their visibility online and scale their businesses.

The Creative Agency is a full-service, fully integrated boutique agency in creative, marketing, branding, advertising, consulting, and digital growth. Every month, the company serves hundreds of clients specializing in service-based businesses. They serve businesses of all sizes—from small to midsize to enterprise businesses. Their clients are in a variety of niches and fields, which includes holistic wellness professionals, birthing centers, chiropractors, medical spas, mental health professionals, interior designers, leadership consultants, and more.

Founder Jahna is a proud serial entrepreneur, mom of two, and multiple-income-stream queen. Her biggest passion is watching her clients’ businesses scale from small startups to seven-figure endeavors. This passion has led her to formulate a unique approach to the business, which is accelerated visibility through strategy and technology.

“Having a successful business is easy when you are standing on a rock-solid foundation. You feel exponentially supported and your soul clients can find you easily online,” she explained.

The company prides itself on being “incredibly high touch”—clients have on-demand access to the team working with them. The agency’s diverse skill sets and services are unmatched. The Creative Agency’s mission is to create authentic, integrated campaigns for its clients, boost visibility through artificial intelligence-based search engine optimization, social media growth hacks, pay-per-click ads, and more. Jahna knows from experience that investing in one’s business is the first step to financial freedom through entrepreneurship. For her, risk is inevitable. And until one decides to make the bold move to take that risk, one can expect to stay right where they are, immobile and paralyzed by the fear of greatness.

The Creative Agency knows just what to do even before the client’s business launches—they can help businesses launch the right way, saving entrepreneurs significant time and money in the long run. They are masters of boosting businesses at all stages and help their clients feel empowered to level up. The company takes a transparent, honest, high-touch approach to helping their clients boost their brands online. They facilitate the ability for their clients to pursue their business goals with intention, purpose, and focus. Entrepreneurs are notorious for doing everything themselves. Jahna walks her clients through their strategy to help them set the intentions for the pieces of their business that they love the most while automating the rest.

Amid the layoffs and business shutdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Jahna was able to keep all her staff together and even worked to expand her team of professionals where she could. It is her personal goal to provide as much opportunity for employment as possible in these difficult times. To aid business owners affected by the crisis, she is launching a coaching program that discusses how to promote a more hands-on approach to growing one’s business.

The company is proof that sustainable visibility online is possible with the right marketing team. Growing entrepreneurs can quickly realize that an effective online presence can easily take a business to the next level.

Find out more about the work that The Creative Agency has done on its website.

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