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How the Kaizen Method Training Program Helps Women Stay Fit and Healthy

It is a known fact that women’s bodies go through a lot of changes as they age, especially when they go through pregnancy. A lot of women struggle with their weight and mental health after pregnancy, which eventually affects their whole well-being. Many have tried different methods of losing weight and staying fit, but not everyone is fortunate enough to find the best regimen that will help them regain their original body shape and weight. 

Health coach Abram Anderson knows this all too well after having witnessed the emotional, physiological, and psychological roller-coaster his wife went through after giving birth. His wife, Gen, became very particular about her calorie intake, but that did not work splendidly for her. The excess baby weight was affecting her mental health, and her frustration got the best of her, resulting in depression. 

As husband to Gen, Abram wanted to come up with an effective method to help his wife meet her fitness and weight goals without compromising her well-being in the process. So Abram took it upon himself to address the root causes of weight gain by focusing on and resolving the underlying issues – mental, emotional, and hormonal reasons that weight got put on in the first place. What he came up with delivered phenomenal results for his wife – the Kaizen Method Training Program.

“The best part is that it’s not about working out hard all the time or depriving yourself of the things you love, and you don’t have to count calories or macros,” Abram explained. “It’s about making small improvements every day that add up over time. As a result of making herself a priority and figuring out that it was mental and emotional stress that was causing her weight gain. Gen lost 62 lbs and never put the weight back on.”

By turning one’s attention away from the excruciating monitoring of calorie intake, the Kaizen Method Training Program strategically looks into root causes to help women feel good about themselves and balance their hormones at the same time. Interestingly, the program does not involve ingesting any kind of supplements, pills, or powders, to mention a few. Instead, it simply helps women handle the stressors that come their way. 

“The reason why this program has become so insanely effective is that none of the changes inside the Kaizen Method Training Program require willpower. Instead, they are 1% positive improvements on a daily basis that, over time, add up to massive results. By drastically improving mental, emotional, and hormonal health, they lose weight as a byproduct of making themselves a priority,” Abram added.

Abram studied Applied Health Sciences in college, became an accredited health coach, and read hundreds of books to help his wife. What he gathered from all his research did wonders for the overall well-being of his wife, who has been able to successfully maintain her ideal weight for the past seven years. 

By being more mindful of their mental, emotional, and hormonal health, Abram has helped thousands of women improve their lives through the Kaizen Method Training Program. Thanks to his dedication to helping his wife, many women are also benefiting greatly from the program today. 

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