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Hungry Hippos NFT Fostering Relationships that Drive Motivated Individuals to Success

Since the cryptocurrency rave began, many innovations based on blockchain technology have been introduced to the world, capturing many people into taking them up. Non-fungible tokens have proven to be dominant, with many new projects getting released daily and impacting the world in different ways. Hungry Hippos NFT is the latest project promising numerous perks while helping people achieve financial freedom and contribute to the world.

Many NFT projects are presented as colorful art with catchy background stories, but beyond all that are the causes they promote and the goals they set out to achieve. Hungry Hippos NFT embodies everything the average NFT project represents, but its main focus is on building people and filling the world with high-value people who can contribute meaningfully to make it better.

Beyond the unique designs of the Hungry Hippos NFT feature, it leans heavily toward philanthropy and building a community of motivated people who want to achieve success. According to the team behind the project, 20% of the token sales have been earmarked to take care of Hippos, establish partnerships, identify financial opportunities, and organize events and giveaways.

The project was founded by Ross, a visionary leader passionate about making a positive difference. He teamed up with Nell, a professional artist, designer and creator who wants to create art that inspires the next generation of artists. Other team members include Sean, a sales guru who serves as the head of community and Wanqi, a full-time developer in charge of Hippo tech and development.

Describing the project, Ross said: “Hungry Hippos is a community-driven project whose mission is to bring HUNGRY and motivated individuals together to establish a community through networking and strategic business relationships. Joining the herd gives you access to a rewarding networking system designed to educate, teach and help elevate the holders in some high-value sectors and create financial freedom through Real Estate, Investing, Networking and various opportunities.

A total of 7,777 tokens will be made available in the collection, with holders knowing their assigned characters through a random generation during minting. Lucky Holders also get the chance to generate a 1-of-1 character which comes with numerous perks. 

Hungry Hippos NFT’s mint dates have been declared with presale on June 23rd and public sale to follow on June 26th. Whitelisting for presale is now opened.

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