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ID Flat Fee – Hunter of Homes Take a Different Approach for Home and Property Sale

Real estate commissions can vary according to the agents. Usually, the rates depend on the property’s area being sold and under the circumstance for the property’s selling. ID Flat Fee – Hunter of Homes is a real estate company that takes a completely new approach to the business.

ID Flat Fee – Hunter of Homes was founded in 2018 by Tyler Nelson and Nathan Frogley, a native from Idaho, who realized how expensive it could be selling a house. He and other people agree that paying a full real estate commission was more costly than paying for a house sale. Knowing there was a better way, Tyler and Nathan created ID Flat Fee – Hunter of Homes.

Typically, real estate in Idaho involves the seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent, who get paid a percentage of the home’s final price once the sale is finalized. While the rates can always be negotiated to be lowered, selling homeowners still often find themselves burning through their wallets to make the sale. 

The company is grounded on the idea of offering a full-service real estate listing that comes at a flat fee. Most rates vary according to different factors, such as the house condition, property value, inventory in the area, and buyer demand, among many others. These factors often determine whether the seller is getting a good deal and helps negotiate for a lower rate. ID Flat Fee sets a flat fee with a mission to put as much money back into the seller’s wallets as possible.

A percentage of the home’s sale is usually allocated for the commission, which then gets split between the buyer and the seller’s agents. The commission splits fall around 50-50 most of the time, but the exact amount can vary on the location and other factors.

Having been in the seller’s shoes, Tyler, Nathan, and ID Flat Fee’s services provide everything a typical real estate agent does. They make sure that they get every detail in listings and sales and always check to ensure that nothing is missed or overlooked. The company also has customer services that amass over thirty years of experience that help them provide the amazing value and service that has been getting them the recognition they deserve.

With their flat fee policy, the company has earned its clients’ respect for saving them thousands of dollars that go right back into their wallets. ID Flat Fee values their experience in the customer service industries that help the company take care of them every step of the way.

Running for over two years, ID Flat Fee – Hunter of Homes has helped homeowners sell their properties and save thousands of dollars. Tyler and Nathan hope that their company will gain even more recognition and reach more homeowners looking for a better way to sell their houses. Tyler and Nathan aim for ID Flat Fee – Hunter of Homes to become the number one listing service in the state.

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