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Idaho Potato Commission Launches New Perfume

Photo: Idaho Potato Commission

A new perfume from the Idaho Potato Commission claims to give off the aroma of the beloved French fries.

“Whether you’re at a drive through restaurant or dining in, it’s near impossible to not grab a fry and take a bite before you dive into your meal,” Jamey Higham, president and CEO of the Idaho Potato Commission, said in a statement. “The smell is too good to resist.”

The “limited-edition fragrance,” dubbed Frites by Idaho, was selling for $1.89 per 1.7 oz bottle on the commission’s website before selling out. They also launched a giveaway promising more perfume bottles.

The fragrance is made from distilled Idaho potatoes and essential oils. The commission says it encapsulates “one of the world’s most irresistible scents.”

A recent national survey by Pollfish found that nearly 90% of Americans “find the smell of French fries irresistible.”

The Idaho commission has additional potato merchandise available, including a French fry holder, Idaho potato playing cards, a miniature potato-hauling truck, and a 3-foot-tall “Spuddy Buddy.”

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