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Indian-American Shree Saini, Miss World 2021 First Runner-Up, Is a Survivor

Photo: K5

Beauty pageants have always had a specific criterion for ladies who want to join and get the crown, but now that’s changing. Survivors and people with disabilities or color are adequately represented on international stages, breaking stereotypes.

Miss World 2021’s first runner-up Shree Saini, an Indian-American, has stated that “being a heart patient and a facial burn survivor, I represented every disabled person and everyone who felt excluded or defeated.” 

At 12, Shree had to have a pacemaker as a heart patient. Doctors told her that she could never dance or do extreme activities, but it didn’t stop this girl. 

“I am so grateful to be the Miss World’s Global Ambassador of Beauty with the purpose and the 1st Runner Up. I proudly represented 333 million Americans and billions of Indians all over the world,” said Shree. 

The 24-year-old beauty added that she wishes to pursue the path of serving the world by giving out the gift of encouragement by building individuals up and lifting their spirits worldwide. 

“There are more hearts to be healed all around the world,” she added. 

Shree was born to Sanjay and Ekta in Punjab, India, but later she migrated to the US with her parents, and she currently holds the titles of Miss India USA and Miss India Worldwide 2018. 

“Shree Saini winning the First Runner Up and Ambassador Beauty with Purpose shows that Indian origin girls living outside India can also excel on the world stage. I foresee in the very near future Indian origin girls living outside of India winning the titles of Miss World and Miss Universe,” said chairman and founder of Miss India USA and Worldwide, Dharmatma Saran.

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