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Inspired by the Robust Dogo Argentino: Dogo NFT Targets to Land First in Ethereum Blockchain

A new Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is set to conquer the Ethereum blockchain with its collection of high-quality artworks inspired by the Dogo Argentino dog breed. The Dogo NFT collection emulates the strength and positive qualities of the Dogo Argentino, and aims to become the leader of the pack.

The Dogo NFT collection is made for NFT enthusiasts who are also dog lovers. The collection offers 4,500 unique Dogos, ready to be claimed by their holders on mint day. In addition, the founder, Miki Fergy, ensured that the NFT will have a competitive edge over the rest of the tokens available on the market. Hence, every Dogo NFT holder will receive a physical piece of art based on their token, making it one of the first in the industry to bridge the gap between blockchain art and physical art.

The Dogo Argentino breed is known for being strong, powerful, and fearless. They have accompanied hunters for decades because of their capability to take down even the wildest pumas in the wilderness. But on the other side of their dominant nature, Dogo Argentinos are also devoted and loving. The Dogo NFT collection also aspires to bring the same characteristics into the NFT space and be recognized as a robust token capable of conquering the NFT landscape.

Created by a team of talented graphic designers, the Dogo NFT collection bears more than 200 hand-drawn traits in 10 different layers. Having such a wide range of animation made with a lot of effort and passion makes it a collection that will truly satisfy the imagination. The collection features the Dogo characters wearing trendy fashion pieces, stamped with pop culture icons, and even taking inspiration from prominent anime characters. Whatever it is that holders could look for, the collection has it and more, ensuring that every prospective investor gets to see a reflection of themselves in the tokens. 

In addition, the Dogo NFT collection is a community-driven project. It aims to build a community of crypto enthusiasts, digital artists, NFT collectors, gamers, athletes, entrepreneurs, and dog lovers and encourage each one to take part in its journey.

Furthermore, the Dogo NFT collection will also be actively contributing a portion of its earnings back to the world by donating to dog shelters. The goal is to raise funds and awareness to help struggling dog shelters worldwide and allow them to take in more rescued dogs under their wings. With its game-changing goal, the NFT is setting the bar higher for the entire industry while simultaneously allowing holders to not only add more tokens to their collection but also participate in a global mission. 

“Holding a Dogo NFT allows you to participate in coordinating the community wallet, which will be seeded with 120 ETH after the public sale ends. Holders can vote on the right usage of the funds that benefit the community and get early market insights from reputable investors, which they can use for their own benefit,” explained Miki Fergy. 

The Dogo NFT collection will hold a whitelist sale where whitelisted members will be included in a raffle to earn exclusive rewards. The whitelist sale will be on December 12, 2021, and the tokens will be available for 0.077 ETH. Meanwhile, the collection will be available for public sale on December 13, 2021, at 0.088 ETH each.

Learn more about the Dogo NFT collection on its website, Instagram page, and Discord server.

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