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Introducing Celebrate NFTs as the Metaverse Expands

NFTs or non-fungible tokens have emerged as a frontrunner in the race to actualize a decentralized financial economy or a virtual economy, and nearly a decade since NFTs were first introduced as an alternative to cryptocurrencies, developers and tech enthusiasts continue to come up with newer and fresher models of token modelled as an offshoot of virtual collectors’ items, baseball cards and artworks. With 20% of the first 10,000 collections ready for minting, Celebrate NFT is set to go live before an excited public that has long anticipated the release of a different token built over a distinct blockchain. 

Coming at a time when the metaverse is expanding the development and rise in the popularity of NFTs appears to be unstoppable and irresistible, not only because NFTs represents a fun way for investors and holders to do something they enjoy, but because it represents an opportunity to collect items and tokens they find relatable and still make a fortune while doing so.

Celebrate NFT is the latest NFTs on the market, and like other tokens that have been released to date, Celebrate is built on a distinct blockchain and aims at serving as an alternative for crypto enthusiasts and investors to stake their claim in the NFT space beginning on November 12, with the release of the first 2,000 NFTs. In addition, the NFT, according to the developers, is planning on leading web 3.0 commerce by collaborating with top NFT projects, brands, and influencers to make exclusive metaverse wearable and expand their brand IP and product into the metaverse. 

Taking the place of a game-changer in the NFT space, the Celebrate NFT team is ready to give back to the NFT community in accordance with the token’s roadmap. Beginning with the 20% of the membership being released at once on November 12, followed by the release of the sneak peeks of the token’s metaverse wearable collabs. With each milestone, the developers reward collectors and holders, first with $500 in Ethereum upon 60% sold out. Then, at 80%, a community DAO would be launched where VIP holders will have voting rights, and tokenomics would be introduced around the community. Access to VIP lounge on Discord, more giveaways, airdrops and events within the Celebrate community are some of the other freebies users can anticipate ahead of the NFTs official launch.

According to the developers, Celebrate NFTs is a different type of token and ahead of its public launch, efforts are being made to create a safe and inclusive community for people of all ages. “Our project is meant to appeal to all ages and people with different backgrounds because we want to build a strong community where people build a lifelong friendship with a common interest in the NFT community.” The developers explained. 

As the Celebrate NFT picks up momentum ahead of its launch, join the community by visiting its website or joining conversations on social media via Twitter and Discord

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