Investor Fraud Detection Expert H.E. Sir Patrick Bijou

In this day and age, global capital markets are creating unprecedented opportunities for investors and businesses. Unfortunately, with these opportunities, the rise of technology has made investment fraud more effortless than before. Investment fraud comes in many unscrupulous forms and may be carried out by anyone promising to get you to invest your money in high-yield investments with little or no risk. These investments may involve commodities, securities, or even real estate.

Because of the growing sophistication of these scams, it is crucial to be aware of how you can protect yourself. Understanding and combating financial fraud while investing is essential to ensure that you make smart, informed decisions. There are a variety of ways to detect and prevent financial fraud. There are many frauds and deception detection firms globally. Still, only a few have the experience and expertise to protect investors.

Industry Fraud Detection Expert

There has been a tremendous increase in securities fraud investigations in recent years. With multiple decades of experience in Investment Banking, Sir Patrick Bijou is considered the world’s leading expert on securities fraud. As a financial services expert and an entrepreneur, his background has equipped him with the necessary knowledge and expertise to conduct due diligence on investments and uncover inconsistencies and fraud. Using mathematical formulas, he has helped many investors detect fraudulent schemes.

His Excellency is a prominent investment banker and has skills in business management. As Senior Redemption Judge for ICJ/ICC, and U.N. Ambassador, he has expertise in ethics, corporate governance, and judicial governance. 

Experience You Can Trust

If you’ve ever sought to learn how to make money through investments, you’ve likely come across the name of H. E. Sir Patrick Bijou. This multi-talented businessman has authored over 28 published books and is a recognized authority in his field. His books are written in several genres, from non-fiction to fiction. They cover various subjects such as business management, ethics, and corporate and judicial governance. Besides being an accomplished author, Sir Patrick is a globally recognized financial expert and speaker. He uses keynote opportunities to inspire and educate his audiences. Whether working with first-time business owners or high-net-worth private clients, His Excellency is happy to work with anyone. Likewise, he has worked with the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, helping them master the art of influence and wealth creation. His work spans the financial industry, from first-time busines owners to high-net-worth private banking clients. He believes in building solid relationships with the right people and values trust, respect, and integrity.

Making A Difference

His wealth creation and investment strategy approach has allowed him to transform hundreds of individuals into experts in their fields. He combines his legal disposition and financial expertise to make a difference. His experience has enabled him to teach various methodologies to help individuals and organizations develop their wealth and leadership potential. This includes business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs alike. This makes Sir Patrick an invaluable asset in investment and wealth creation. He believes in maintaining healthy relationships and that individuals can achieve anything in life if they believe in themselves and have the tools to do so. He has established professional relationships with many prominent people based on transparency, integrity, and a shared belief. His rare sense of innovation has helped him keep up with changing trends.

Giving Back To Humanity

While famous for his business ventures, Sir Patrick enjoys serving humanity and aims to make a difference in people’s lives. He has been involved in many charitable organizations and has sourced funds to support other benevolent organizations. His banking and social achievements are evident in his position as President of the International Banking Relations of the Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club and its board of trustees of IGOs and NGOs. He is Global Ambassador for the International Rights & Welfare Association, Ambassador of the Royal Diplomatic Club, and was elected Ambassador of the governing body of trustees. 

As the founder and Chairman of Empire Trust, His Excellency offers a portfolio of ground-breaking opportunities to top investors with an appetite of US$3 million or more. Coming out of the gate with a roar, Empire Trust has launched its first SPAC IPO Empire Capital Fund, which shall raise capital for Empire Trust’s new startup, Empire Motors. Empire Motors, listed at, is an Israeli car startup with a business model and technology base to disrupt the automotive industry. 

On their website, it reads: “EMPIRE TRUST

Investment strategies and vehicles for serving investors, humanity and the Empire of David”. It is linked to a “Citizenship” application page whereby one can apply to become a subject of the Empire of David.

When his Excellency was asked what else is in the pipeline for Empire Trust, he ticked off an extensive list of a dozen cross-industry startups in the works that range from the alluring and sexy electric cars to a whole new way to move ships and submarines in the water faster, safer and more efficiently. “Besides that, we are developing an app that will help you make it to heaven” We have a golden opportunity for wealthy Christian investors to do their part in fulfilling the “Great Commission” to make disciples of all nations; our Heaven Saved app will do that automatically with a social platform enhanced by Artificial intelligence.”


In addition to his professional background, he is actively engaged and involved in charitable work. He is deeply engaged in participating and funding World Peace Tracts, a world-renowned diplomatic peace organization with hundreds of World Peace Ambassadors worldwide, working to stop wars, release captives and provide relief. As the head of a special task force to end the silent Nigeria genocide, “His Excellency Sir Patrick Bijou has been instrumental in leading and sponsoring this special Task Force, and we are grateful for his leadership and financial support”, exclaimed Yosef Yomtov, founder of World Peace Tracts. World Peace Tracts have been instrumental in affecting the world narrative concerning Ukraine and Russia conflict, which has spurred the entry of Israel into the negotiations to broker an end to the hostilities. “I think everyone able should give generously to the work of peace as it affects all of humanity,” says Sir Patrick, a member of the board of World Peace Tracts.

His philosophy is that “No mountain is too high to climb. Every day brings a fresh opportunity to make the world we live in and work a better place, more creative, and more compassionate. Likewise, there are solutions to every obstacle if you have the right tools, so even the most challenging dream can be achieved with imagination, creativity, and perseverance. When asked: “what is your vision for humanity?”  “The Worldwide and Everlasting Empire of David,” says Sir Patrick with a sanguine smile.

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