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It’s Finally Time for the CryptoBear Watch Club NFT to Truly Shine in the Digital Space

The world of NFTs has never been bigger. The meteoric rise of these highly coveted assets have made an indelible mark on the history of technology and the world at large. One NFT project by the name of CryptoBear Watch Club staked its claim in the digital space with its launch recently.

NFT enthusiasts and investors alike have been giving their undivided attention to the CryptoBear Watch Club. The NFT project used to boast a massive collection of 10,000 unique and distinct CryptoBears, before the collection was made more exclusive. The collection was crafted by none other than renowned illustrator Stuart Holroyd. 

Holroyd has had a remarkable career working on several film projects and studying under Warner Brothers, Netflix, Animal Planet, History Channel, and many more. The community has been set abuzz with feverish anticipation with Holroyd’s unique and intricate artworks promising massive potential in the metaverse.

Holroyd being a part of the project is an immensely big deal. The talented artist has collaborated with Hollywood’s biggest celebrities, such as Dave Bautista, Kevin James, and Elijah Wood. He is both a traditional and innovative illustrator, tapping into his hand drawing skills and knowledge of current technologies available in the industry to create some of the most remarkable works of art the modern world has seen.

Holroyd is responsible for handcrafting more than 450 traits and attributes for the CryptoBear Watch Club NFT. Each token will have these traits procedurally generated to make each one truly unique from the other. These traits include the character, watch, colors, function, and many more.

Each CryptoBear token is ready for three-dimensional rendering. Prospective holders will gain access to each of their characters’ 3D files via airdrop. These characters can then be used as avatars in the ever-growing metaverse.

Holders are also granted exclusive access to the club’s premium 6×6 Sandbox plot situated right beside the central Atari hub. Aside from the bear-themed motif of the NFT project, watches are also a key element to the CryptoBear Watch Club, as its name suggests.

The collection sold out on February 22, during its public sale. It sold out 3,010 NFTs, and the whitelist sale the day before sold out 2,500 NFTs. During the public sale, the developers decided to cut the supply to make the NFT more exclusive to the holders, since it’s a luxury NFT.

CryptoBear token owners were airdropped exclusive Arkouda Utility Tokens that can be redeemed for real watches every month. The grand opening of the CryptoBear Watch Club will also kickstart the live exclusive launching of the private Discord channel. All members will have access to global watch influencers and traders at the same time. 

Furthermore, CryptoBear Watch Club has also established partnerships with respectable watch dealers from all across the globe, who will be responsible for taking care of the members’ watch needs. 

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