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Jacob Zetino Shares How He Successfully Innovated the Online Streaming Space

Jacob Zetino

The rise of digital pursuits has paved the way in revolutionizing how people enjoy and appreciate stills and motions. True enough, CDs and Movie Theaters are a thing of the past. With technology taking the reins of the world’s transformation, the magic of entertainment can now be celebrated on the palm of one’s hand.

Taking a cue from this forward-looking breakthrough, Dapper Penguin Entertainment molded itself to fit into the cast of this ever-changing world.

Founded by Jacob Zetino, Dapper Penguin Entertainment is an online streaming services company based in Beverly Hills, California, that serves to be a melting pot of enjoyment for people from all walks of life. With its ability to revolutionize the entertainment landscape, Dapper Penguin Entertainment pushes the limits of digital broadcasting by strategizing the use of technology while reducing production costs. Proving to be unstoppable, Dapper Penguin Entertainment also serves as an outlet where creative individuals can convey their inspiring messages through motion pictures.

Being movers and shakers of avant-garde streaming, Dapper Penguin Entertainment boasts of colors that exude an innovative approach towards filmmaking. Aside from their well-curated films from talented filmmakers worldwide, CEO and Executive Producer Jacob Zetino took it upon himself to endlessly develop and produce content designed to pique the interest of different individuals from across the globe.

However, Dapper Penguin Entertainment would not have been the digital powerhouse that it is without the team working flawlessly behind closed curtains. Besides the founder’s undeniable prowess, Jacob works closely with some of the most renowned figures in the film and television industry. These high-sounding people are Liz Vacovec, the Company’s President, and Nicole Layson and Daniel Sydnor as Senior Vice Presidents of Film and Television. With these creative individuals maneuvering behind the ropes, the company maintains to hold a promising stature alongside its competitors.

As Dapper Penguin Entertainment continues to make its way to the film and television industry, much of its driving force comes from its trailblazing founder, Jacob Zetino.

Although Jacob lived a different life in the past, history has its unique way of molding a person into someone great. For over ten years, Jacob recognized the value of perseverance in the pursuit of success in the United States Army. So Jacob worked hard and received multiple commendations for his exceptional work. And because of his excellence, Jacob has worked tirelessly with generals, senators, royal dignitaries, and celebrities. When 2012 came, Jacob was then honorably discharged from service as a Sergeant.

Having seen the beauty in hard work propelled Jacob to do something worthwhile after his stint in the army. Imbued with the passion for doing more in the age of technological advancement, Jacob decided to venture into filmmaking, where he immediately fell in love with the craft. And as he approached the peak of his proficiencies, Jacob gained authentic experiences in film, television, and digital production, and won multiple awards. Now, Jacob is a member of Veterans in Media and Entertainment and the American Legion Post 43, where some Hollywood Film Luminaries like Clark Gable, Charlton Heston, Mickey Rooney, Gene Autry, Ronald Reagan, and Stan Lee take part of.

The advent of the digital age, coupled with an innate passion for innovating, has brought out the best in people. With Jacob at the helm of Dapper Penguin Entertainment, the opportunities for the production company seem endless.

To know more about Jacob Zetino and Dapper Penguin Entertainment, you may follow their Instagram and Twitter pages. 

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