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Jeremy Haynes Shaping the World of Digital Marketing

Jeremy Haynes

Since he established his digital marketing agency five years ago, Jeremy Haynes has established himself as an expert digital marketer. He has put courses together that a lot of businesses have found useful for their marketing campaigns. His courses are designed to help influencers and entrepreneurs scale their monthly income to seven figures. And he has a lot of testimonials to prove his track record. He has worked with some of the biggest global personality brands such as Robert Kiyosaki, Tai Lopez, Dan Lok, Ryan Serhant, Garrett J White, Anik Singal, and a host of others.

Before he floated his digital marketing agency, he used to work for sales training mogul Grant Cordone, where he learned most of the things he now knows. Since he established his own agency, his impact has been felt by tens of thousands of people and businesses all over the world. He has paid a mentoring program with more than 3000 students across 62 countries learning how to establish and scale a digital marketing agency. He also teaches in Mentor Box and has been a part of three of Tai Lopez’s programs as a teacher.

His level of experience is enviable in the digital marketing world, and that is because his approach is simple and easy-to-use. He recently started “Personal Brand University,” where he teaches all his digital skills and knowledge. This new venture has also been aptly named “The Harvard of Personal Brand Courses” based on Jeremy’s track records and proven results.

Apart from running his paid mentorship programs and earning millions of dollars monthly, Jeremy Haynes gave back during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many businesses shut down and found it difficult to get back up. Jeremy gave out $1.2 million worth of free courses to businesses. This is the equivalent of 800 courses at a value of $1,468 per course. The course is called Digital Marketing Manuscript (DMM) and Digital Skill Pack (DSP). These courses are designed to teach entrepreneurs how to start and scale a marketing agency or any type of business whatsoever.

Jeremy’s target audience includes entrepreneurs, marketers, people who just lost their jobs, business owners with struggling businesses. He knows that every business needs to do the right marketing to make sales. This is why he is committed to helping businesses scale, reach a wider audience, and garner more interest. He has this to say about how he differentiates himself from other digital marketers. “My track record of years of results, teaching the world’s largest personal brands and helping them scale, thousands of successful students, and thorough courses that let students know I care about their success long-term.”

He goes beyond selling digital marketing courses or classes. His approach is simple, and he walks every one of his students the entire journey until they get a taste of success. He believes that the world is a village and it takes doing the right things to reach every part of it.

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