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Jermaine Williamson Shares His Knowledge and Experience through JLW Consulting, LLC

Jermaine Williamson

It is extremely vital for any company to have a well-trained set of people. However, it’s not that easy to pick any person and turn them into a huge asset for the company. It takes knowledge and years of experience. Jermaine Williamson went through this struggle during his early years of working. Now, he is ready to share his expertise as the CEO and principal consultant of JLW Consulting, LLC. 

JLW Consulting, LLC offers a novel and innovative approach to address a client’s needs. Their services include technical recruiting, executive recruiting, talent development, diversity and inclusion, recruiting process compliance, adjusting cost per hire, and increasing employee referrals. And the best part: they customize their services to each company. Through this, they are able to provide a solution to their client’s problems, without having to break their banks. 

Williamson founded JLW Consulting, LLC after he realized that it was the perfect time to market over 25 years of his experience in providing senior and executive level leadership. His knowledge and techniques were perfect for providing talent acquisition, strategic business advisory, human resources, talent retention, and talent development services. After seeing how many other people and companies can benefit from his knowledge, he decided to put up his own company, with his personal experiences as its foundation. 

With an overwhelming number of years in the industry, Williamson has served big names and smaller companies alike. This allowed him to further improve his techniques, which he now shares to his current clients. He was able to provide support to Fortune 100, 500, and other mid-size and startup organizations. 

Williamson also takes pride in many other achievements and highlights in his expertise. He is recognized as the COO and vice president for a recruiting process outsourcing firm (or RPO) which supports Fortune 500 customers worldwide. He has also designed and implemented a proposal recruiting process and a support model for three large system integrators in the DC Metro. Williamson has also been the executive leader in multiple projects, leaving companies satisfied with his service. 

Clients and companies who have contacted and worked with Williamson have all become better in one way or another. Because of his expertise, the companies he once served now have an exquisite technique in recruiting, hiring, and other skills that Williamson shared. This, in turn, boosted their company’s performance in their respective industries. 

Apart from Williamson’s long list of experiences and achievements, he is also an author of a soon to be released book, where he shares his secrets and techniques. The book is called Talent War! The Unintended Consequences of a Broken Hiring Process, which should be available on the 21st of October, 2020. It won’t be long until Williamson will be touring all over the country, giving talks and sharing his expertise to other companies.

Any client will surely be able to learn a thing or two and benefit from Williamson’s knowledge and expertise. Learn more about Williamson, his achievements, his projects, and JLW Consulting, LLC on their official website. His book Talent War! can be bought on Amazon.

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