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JGomes: Making Waves Through Powerful Message-Heavy Music


Versatile artist JGomes is making big ripples in the music industry through his unique sound and powerful lyrics. Originating from Connecticut, the creative is a rising artist, rapper, and songwriter seeking to put his life experience into words and music. 

Through his authentic sound, the hip hop and rap artist entrances listeners. In the entertainment world and his fanbase, the rising artist is known for his powerful storytelling lyricism and hard-hitting instrumentation. Using the situations and hurdles he has had to overcome, JGomes bares his soul and tells his story to his audience.

Talking about how he got his start in music and his inspiration for his sound, JGomes reveals, “my father was a DJ so I was always around music but he also was someone in tune with the street life so I was exposed to a harsh reality. On the other hand my mother is a minister so I grew in church and was exposed to a brighter side of the world.”

The impactful lyrics that feature on JGomes’ tracks often tell the story of his life. “I had my fair share of trouble growing up, I spent a 3rd of my life locked up for bad decisions, but I’ve seen so much of life and have been able to incorporate it into my sound,” JGomes reveals.

Not just his life story, JGomes spreads a message of hope and encourages his listeners to never give up on their dreams. Due to personal beliefs, the rising artist almost put his mic down. It took the sad passing of his father for JGomes to turn to his music once more. After using his sound as a distraction from and an outlet for his grief, JGomes’ music showed a vulnerability that captivated listeners. Soon after, he was on the rise as his popularity grew.

The artist saw this series of events as his father’s plan for him. Because of it, JGomes empowers his reach never to give up. “I would hate for someone with a talent or passion for something to feel like they need to stop because they haven’t reached a goal in the time frame they set for themselves,” he states. “Do it for as long as it takes.”

To convey his powerful message, JGomes ensures that the sound carrying it takes hold of his listeners. The artist sees to it that his listeners get something new from him with every song release. Among the impressive tracks that line his discography are ‘She Said,’ ‘Name Is,’ ‘Try So Hard,’ ‘OPEN YOUR EYES,’ ‘Just My Type,’ and the recently released ‘Hallelujah.’ 

Developing his style of classic hip hop merged with a modern sound, JGomes experiments with his music. He is set to carve a unique, unparalleled sound that is entirely his own. The hip hop/rap artist is one of the few capable of switching his genre and style with the same caliber JGomes has.

“I want to be able to reach everyone, I don’t make a specific sound. I’ve been around people of all ages and I try to make music that my mom would like and at the same time music that my 14 year old daughter would like. So far I managed to succeed in doing so,” the artist shares.

Spreading his message of hope in as many places and as many people as he can, JGomes has performed in high profile venues such as Toads Place, Sin City, and Madison Square Garden. With an all or nothing mentality and a new, authentic sound, JGomes rocks the boat and makes lasting waves in the music industry.

To listen to JGomes’s impactful lyrics or to reach out to the artist, he keeps his base updated through his account on Facebook.

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