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Jordan Nancarrow: The Actor Turned TV Show Host With a Mission

Jordan Nancarrow

Jordan Nancarrow is a commercial, television, and film actor who has now set his sights on hosting a show on a platform geared towards changing the entertainment industry. He is the latest television co-host to join Infecting Change Television.

Jordan has worked on multiple commercials and films, and he is known for his compelling performances on-camera. He has also been a public speaker for Microsoft, where he presented its latest products in London and Orlando. Now, the actor has taken the next step in his career. He has recently joined forces with Infecting Change Television (ICTV) to work on a show on their streaming service. 

He chose to work with ICTV because he believes in this company’s vision. ICTV is unlike any typical streaming service or network. The company is focused on showcasing HBCU sports and events, underrepresented content creators, films, television shows, and documentaries. He believes that working with this company means that he can make the entertainment industry more inclusive and diverse.

“We are all here for a reason,” he says. Jordan wants to use the platform given to him to spread positivity and shed light on topics that people do not typically see on other television shows. As a host on ICTV, he wants to share his authentic self and values. 

Working with ICTV enables Jordan to amplify voices and stories that may not typically reach as many people. He views his work with this network to be part of his legacy and mark on the entertainment industry. In collaborating with ICTV, the new TV host wants to help induce a paradigm shift in entertainment and educate other people, all while putting a smile on his audiences’ faces.

This actor and TV show host has worked hard to get to where he is today. He understands that he can inspire others to also work hard on their goals. Personal development is essential to him, and Jordan does his best to keep working towards being the best version of himself.

Knowing that other people might look up to him and try to follow what he is doing, Jordan says, “Everyone’s journey is different, so the only one you should be competing with at the end of the day is nobody but yourself.” He wants to inspire others to strive to be better than they were yesterday. To truly shine, one must keep improving.

Jordan sees himself as a regular guy. But he’s different in that he is willing to put in the extra time and the effort needed to get from point A to point B. Jordan is someone who likes to stay curious about various things. He hopes to encourage others to stay curious as well. His curiosity about life, new experiences, and different career paths helped him find his true passions. From acting in commercials and films, Jordan Nancarrow now turns to pursue hosting a television show.

Jordan Nancarrow is currently working on a show with Infecting Change Television. More information is available on the ICTV website. For updates, follow him on Instagram.

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