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Joseph Lang of Tax Emperor and the Importance of Tax Education to Maximize Tax Refunds

Joseph Lang

An entrepreneur and tax professional for over seven years, Joseph Lang started somewhere outside the world of taxes. 

Before, Joseph worked 90 hours per week as a recreational therapist in a mental health hospital, doing and learning about taxes in his spare time. As time went on, Joseph became increasingly skilled in taxes and finances that he created a part-time tax business.

Sitting in his office during lunch breaks, Joseph had often thought of one hundred businesses he could help save on their taxes by giving them proper guidance through all their tax matter needs. After he mastered the tax laws, Joseph could assist business owners and gain financial freedom through it.

However, Joseph’s small plan turned into a large operation; word got around about his skills, knowledge, and customer services. The initial goal of one hundred clients turned into thousands within a short time. Joseph left his occupation as a recreational therapist to focus on his new prospects, and the Tax Emperor was created. 

At Tax Emperor, their mission is to provide clients with the best accounting, tax, and consulting services by expanding their knowledge and practice of the financial function of their business. More in-depth knowledge and good practices can lead to better decisions and maximizing profits. Joseph likes to enforce the concept, “The more you learn, the more you earn.” 

Through efficient tax education, monthly tax planning, and unlimited consultation sessions with his team at Tax Emperor, Joseph has helped well over thousands of business owners save substantial amounts of money on taxes. The company is also known for its top-notch customer service; they make sure to check with their clients and see if they understood the teachings and practices. The company has been slowly branching internationally; they have an international team that can handle clients in other countries, including Canada and Europe.

With Joseph’s extensive tax knowledge, he decided to run an affiliate program for individuals looking to start a tax business of their own. The program contains many helpful sections: a user-friendly and easy-to-read tax course which gives a standard overview on tax laws, a marketing course on how to market and build clientele, an interactive course on the tax software to ensure the individual knows how to correctly complete both a business and personal tax return, and an optional bookkeeping course for individuals who are looking to obtain business clients.

All of the people who enrolled in the program within the past three years were happy to report about achieving great success, gaining substantial supplementary income. Anyone can join the program from the comforts of their homes.

Business owners and self-employed individuals with high incomes need the most help when it comes to taxes and finances. By educating them on tax laws, tax breaks, qualified deductions, and overall financial education, improvement will be reflected in their tax savings each year. Apart from business clients, Joseph also loves helping working-class families increase and maximizing their tax refunds each year.

As a professional, Joseph never allows himself to stagnate; he continues his tax education according to the IRS and state tax law standards each year.  By arming them with the proper knowledge, Joseph wants to continue contributing and improving countless people’s lives.

Visit the Tax Emperor’s website to know more.

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