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Josh E. Starr Teaches Cryptocurrency in Easy and Proven Steps

Cryptocurrency is indeed the new goldmine. Aside from the people who got into the industry early in the period after 2008, several thousands of people—if not millions—and industries benefit from cryptocurrency as a whole. Also known to his followers as Kosher Khaled, Josh E. Starr is a leading crypto influencer who uses his knowledge and expertise to invest in successful cryptocurrency ventures and projects. While most successful crypto influencers and traders got into the game very early, Josh’s cryptocurrency journey began 18 months ago when he made his first investment into Ethereum assets.

(Noah Tepperberg, David Einhorn, Jonathan Cheban and Josh E. Starr)

No doubt, Josh’s story is one of the rags to riches, although, despite his storied past, his most vital asset remains his bravery and ability to spot opportunities where no one else would. His inspiring story began four years ago when his life took a sudden turn. As a result of terrible financial decisions, he found himself sleeping on his friend’s couch with only $247 to his name.

Determined to get his life back together, so he got a job at a local funding company where he settled relatively quickly, and before long, his superior skills set him apart from his peers and during his first two weeks in his new job, he earned $16,000, leading him to quit his job to open his own funding company with his cousin, who had business and funding experience.

Once he was running his company, Josh led a sales team that included 15 of his closest friends into financial success by teaching them how to become sales heavyweights in the sales industry. Within three years, they grossed 15 million dollars.

Subsequently, Josh and his cousin invested their money into SmokeCream, an Oklahoma-based marijuana company with a 25,000 square foot indoor grow facility where their high-quality products make SmokeCream a household name, and the business is set to expand to a second facility and a few dispensaries to meet the growing demands of the industry.

On what motivated him to build his brand and his journey through the years, Josh said he is in the business “to educate and let the retail investors learn more about cryptocurrency.” Over the past 18 months, Josh has realized that he feels yielding long-term gains in the stock market is not the way you retire early. He feels cryptocurrency gives the average person a real chance at becoming wealthy.

About 18 months ago, Josh dedicated his time, energy, and resources to researching cryptocurrency, including some of the most prominent investors, including Jack Dorsey of Twitter, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss of Gemini, and Michael J. Saylor MicroStrategy. His thorough research exposed him to cryptocurrency, which provided him the needed insight to make his first investment in Ethereum crypto.  Josh’s research gave him insight into cryptocurrency, and he made his first investment in Ethereum crypto. As soon as Josh realized cryptocurrency gives the average person the opportunity to become wealthy faster than investing in the stock market, he began sharing his personal story and journey that led him to cryptocurrency. 

Josh E. Starr is currently a leading cryptocurrency influencer who has established a strong following and gives back to his community by sharing his strategies over the years with his followers. However, he is quick to point out that he is not a financial advisor but instead someone who uses the tools available to create wealth in cryptocurrency. In his teachings, Josh recommends being a cautious and disciplined investor. “Only risk what you are willing to lose. Don’t ever put your livelihood at stake when investing in anything, especially cryptocurrency.” He advised.

In all, Josh is passionate about driving the average person towards their success by sharing valuable information with his followers. He welcomes followers that are new to cryptocurrency as well as experienced investors.

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