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Joshua Evans Helping Busy Professionals Gain Healthy Mindsets and Bodies

Joshua Evans

Busy professionals often struggle to find the time to focus on their health. Still, one online fitness coach has found the perfect formula and framework to help overwhelmed employees and executives build healthier mindsets, lifestyles, and bodies. His Exercise and nutrition programs have proven to help hundreds of clients and deliver spectacular results within 90 days or less. 

Joshua is best known by his brand name, “The Movement Coach.” He provides online programs, training, courses, and challenges that help people get fit and healthy, using unconventional training methods that bring various benefits. He is also the co-host of the podcast “Sweat It Out,” where he and Anthony Mendez talk about health, fitness, business, and success strategies. Joshua is also an athlete who works with training and sports shop Ten Thousand. 

What sets Joshua apart from other online fitness coaches is his uncanny approach to training. “The system I have created is based around the power of unconventional training methods and the benefits these methods provide,” shares the fitness consultant. “The versatility of unconventional tools is unmatched, allowing for new, fun, and creative ways to train. With my sweet and simple approach to strength training and nutrition, you can focus on taking action and accomplishing your goals.”

The fitness trainer for busy professionals believes in taking a well-balanced and holistic approach to health and fitness. He places a strong emphasis on focusing on what energizes the body and what it’s energized for. Joshua Evans merges physical performance, workouts, and nutritional plans to form completely holistic programs that bring ultimate results.

A Master’s Degree holder in Exercise Science & Health Promotion from Florida Atlantic University, Joshua has spent a lifetime learning all he can to provide his methods with the necessary backing and research. He picked up his certificate in Strength and Conditioning from the NSCA and became a PN Level 1 coach focusing on Precision Nutrition. Joshua has helped hundreds of hectic professionals and entrepreneurs lose weight with his insights and eleven years of experience, build muscle and create the proper discipline and mindsets to form healthy daily habits. 

More than training the body, Joshua Evans focuses on building the mind and teaching people to think right to succeed. “I felt I could make a greater difference in my clients lives by inspiring them to take risks and go after their goals no matter what,” shares the trainer. “I wasn’t going to be able to expand my reach and help more people working in another person’s gym so I took a leap of faith and took my talents online in order to expand my reach and help those.”

Using his proven methodologies and philosophies, Joshua has provided many people with the results they need most. Now he aims to help thousands of people through his programs. The fitness coach created “The Steel Mace Academy,” a comprehensive online video course that increases one’s ability through exercises and regimens surrounding the use of a steel mace. The training program contains over 120 instructional videos that help increase strength, mobility, and endurance for better performance at work and in life.

Joshua Evans wants more than anything to help people see that they can succeed at anything by showing them first how to follow self-care and health practices. He hopes to help people achieve their dreams and ambitions while also creating a thriving and robust business for himself in the process. To check out Joshua and his work, visit his website and podcast.

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