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JourneyTEAM: Award-Winning Consulting Firm Takes the Lead in Business Intelligence

By giving meaning to collected data, JourneyTEAM helps companies make crucial decisions that can lead them closer to business success. With the right data in the right hands, company data can be brought to life for concrete use. With this vision in mind, the rising consulting firm equips clients with the tools necessary to make better and informed company resolutions.

Today, JourneyTEAM has gained the attention of Microsoft once more and landed two accolades as 2020 Microsoft United States Partner of the Year, coupled with the Eagle Crystal Trophy.

JourneyTEAM is a multi-award winning and leading consulting firm that specializes in business intelligence and analytics. Through its proven technology and guaranteed results, it has touched the lives of many businesses wanting to give useful meaning to their data.

The company utilizes Microsoft Power BI and interactive dashboards to accomplish its mission. JourneyTEAM takes Microsoft products such as Dynamics 365, Office 365, SharePoint Intranet, Azure, GP, CRM, SL, AX, and NAV and modifies them to be tailored-fit for the clients. The team takes pride in its certified Microsoft Gold consultants. They thoroughly inspect the clients’ organizations’ dynamics to solve the most complex issues for sales, marketing, productivity, analytics, accounting, collaboration, security, and many more.

The leading consulting firm understands the importance of business analytics in today’s world. By coupling it with Microsoft Power BI and the Power Platform, data is no longer merely data, as JourneyTEAM provides its meaning. It is this data that will guide each company in choosing what business move to take next.

Today, manufacturers look into the data from their wholesalers, and these wholesalers run after the data from their customers. On top of this, every company hopes to have data of its strongest business competitors. With these considerations in mind, JourneyTEAM strives to dive deep into their client’s data and help them see the business situation more clearly, save money, and ultimately, improve the workflow of the business.

With over 22 years of experience in IT solutions for businesses, JourneyTEAM has worked side by side with countless CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, data analysts, accountants, business intelligence experts, and everyone else who needs to browse through high levels of data for decision-making purposes. With the help of Power BI, the firm guides its clients in using data from different sources, to create compelling and interactive visualizations.

This 2020 has been a record year, yet again, for JourneyTEAM as Microsoft took notice of the firm and awarded it with the 2020 MSUS Partner of the Year Award and the Eagle Crystal Trophy for Dynamics 365 Business Central.

The company continues to grow in the Microsoft community and sharpen its skills with its business analytics tools. Considering that Microsoft Power BI is relatively new, most seasoned IT departments still lack experience for this tool. This is where JourneyTEAM comes in to provide guidance not only in Microsoft Power BI but also for many other tools to help clients achieve greater business success.

To know more about JourneyTEAM and its business analytics services, visit its official website.