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Juliet Obodo Is Leading the Brain Optimization Space Through FWRD Institute

Over the past decades and with the help of organizational psychology and workplace studies shedding light on the impact of work on wellbeing, the concept of burnout has made its way to more organizations and entered the mind of more individuals. The collective awareness about the psychological consequences of ceaseless toiling has paved the way to the observance of strategies designed to address this particular state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion.

FWRD Institute founder, Juliet Obodo, is no stranger to this form of fatigue that the World Health Organization has termed an “occupational phenomenon.” And her firsthand experience with burnout served as the driving force behind the establishment of a platform that promotes brain health.

Juliet is a graduate of Psychology who found the appeal of connecting people with exciting and innovative tech products and decided to pursue a career in this industry instead of proceeding to medical school to earn a degree in Psychiatry. 

After ten years of excellence and hard work in the corporate world, Juliet proceeded to run her own design agency, as well as a lucrative business funding startup. But the pursuit of dreams and the constant running after personal and professional goals, when not coupled with breathers now and then, have long been proven to be a recipe for mental weariness. 

Juliet herself experienced severe burnout as a consequence of spearheading two six-figure ventures to the center stage of their respective industries. 

Refusing to stay unable to cope with stressors and drained, Juliet searched for a cure, re-discovering the power of hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP, as a result. 

And now, this master hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner has been a source of support and guidance for other stressed-out business owners. Through FWRD Institute, Juliet offers personal and professional development programs for individuals and startups. 

By banking on hypnosis-based methods especially designed for overthinkers, FWRD Institute has assisted numerous clients in terms of tapping into the power of their subconscious minds to hit individual or team goals. Moreover, this brain training authority has guided celebrity clients in beating addiction and overcoming depression, helping them obtain new roles and opportunities in life. Additionally, it has also enabled startup founders to become the transcendental leaders they have always envisioned themselves as.  

With the degree to which FWRD Institute has optimized the minds of students, teams, and entrepreneurs, it is not surprising that it is on the track of becoming a leader in the brain optimization space. This future can be easily realized primarily because this health-oriented company is committed to being at the side of every client as they unlock the key to their potential. 

Workplace culture and the expectations regarding productivity have combined to lead workers to the brink of mental collapse. And in recognition of this, Juliet, who is currently studying for her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with a focus on Ancestral Trauma, vows to make FWRD Institute as the reason why today’s minds will be able to avoid the health pitfalls created by toxic work behaviors.

Learn more about Juliet Obodo by visiting her website and Instagram page. 

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