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Kanashii’s Rapid Rise to Stardom for the Second Time Around


The hip-hop artist and songwriter Arthur Sanchez has come out of his hiatus with a comeback even stronger than ever as he reinvents himself as his new identity: Kanashii. Since he started professionally recording music at 12 years old, he has continually grown and evolved his remarkable brand of music. He has now masterfully refined it to appeal to both millennials and generation Z.

Kanashii was born Arturo Macias Sanchez on the 28th of August, 1997. The year 1997 happens to be the first year of gen Z, and as such, he grew up with elements of both millennials and gen Z. Growing up with these elements allowed him to connect his music with both generations. This Mexican-American native of the San Francisco Bay Area integrates native hip-hop and Latin trap in his unique mix of diverse styles and flows specially catered to their taste.

His music journey began at four years old, as his family fostered a deep love for music in him. The value of money was instilled in him at an early age as well, and he started taking odd jobs and saving up. That money went toward the first step of achieving his dream of becoming a music artist. In UGMX Studios in San Jose, California, he recorded his first song as LilAmMusic, titled “I’ve Been Watching You.” The release of the track was through SoundCloud and other social media platforms.

The path to success is not straightforward, as is the experience of the next big hit as he climbs his way back to fame for the second time around. An unfortunate turn of events in late 2013 brought a sudden, grinding halt to his rapid rise to fame, as his grief and devastation over his grandfather’s death resulted in his decision to take a break from music. Five years passed, and 2018 brought the much-anticipated revival of LilAmMusic as Arthur Sanchez, and later as Kanashii, with a sharper focus and a stronger approach to music.

As if the world had been waiting for it, his return quickly gained people’s attention across the globe, and he managed to land features with artists from Colombia, Slovakia, Toronto, and New Jersey in a short amount of time. These tracks will be released later this year. Still, given the continual evolution of his music style, these impending releases may be just what the public needs to make Kanashii their next up-and-coming favorite artist.

Many people dream of making it big in the industry, but unfortunately, not all are blessed with the resources to make survival as an artist somewhat easier. Kanashii hopes to break the barrier between independent and signed major artists with his brand. In parallel with his dream of becoming the next big hit, one of his more important goals is to guide other artists with fewer resources to build their names in the industry and grow their presence online.

Kanashii is the hottest up-and-rising artist, and he only continues to grow by the day. Find out more about him by visiting his website, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and listen to his hottest tracks on SoundCloud.

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