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Katie Chonacas of The Sophisticated Psychos Launched a Web Series to Help Couples Amid Pandemic

Katie Chonacas

Katie Chonacas/Alessandra Levy/Nicky Scorpio

The Sophisticated Psychos are among the most forward-thinking creatives of their generation. Composed of two revolutionary artists, Katie Elizabeth Chonacas, aka Kyriaki, and Nicky Scorpio, the purpose-based media has stolen the hearts of thousands of audiences through the digital space with their life-changing messages tackling mental health, anxiety, depression, and the importance of self-love.

On a mission to help couples and individuals navigate the dating world during the pandemic, The Sophisticated Psychos produced their original web series called Couples Therapy.  They want to reach viewers across the globe through their brand and platform by providing enlightening insights amid today’s challenging circumstances. 

Couples Therapy is a family-friendly improv comedy web series featuring the power couple and a relationship therapist played by Alessandra Levy. The Sophisticated Psychos sought to make the series a useful tool for couples living and working together during the COVID-19 lockdown. 

Couples Therapy shows The Sophisticated Psychos receiving Zoom calls from their therapists. The improv comedy series highlights them seeking expert help to gain a healthier perspective. “This web series gives comedy a fresh and honest way to look at a relationship that feels oddly relatable in its intensity and vulnerability and is based on real-life experiences,” shared Nicky Scorpio. The show captured comedy-lovers’ hearts with the therapists’ confusing and wacky advice, combined with the authentic reactions of the co-hosts. 

Additionally, The Sophisticated Psychos is also known for spreading positivity through music. Kyriaki recently launched her new Hypnotic Energy EP, encoded with 639 Hz healing frequencies by partnering with Subtle Energy. The electronic beats are in line with the duo’s mission to create a healthier world for generations by fighting negativity. Their thought-provoking music digs deep to stimulate the chakra of their listeners and stir their hearts and souls. 

The Sophisticated Psychos gained listeners’ attention worldwide with their profound and sympathetic ways of reaching out to them. One song or web series at a time, the duo shows vulnerability and amplifies the importance of lending a helping hand to those suffering from mental health issues. Recognized for the ripple effect of change they have set globally, the team has indeed paved the way for thousands to discover their ethics, morals, and values.

Together, The Sophisticated Psychos are changing the world, knowing that many are suffering from others’ prejudices and judgment. Like most of their audiences, Chonacas shared how she had overcome her own battles, from bullying to emotional abuse. It was never a walk in the park, but she overcame them and now proudly wears her scars to serve as an inspiration for their viewers. 

Asked where they envision The Sophisticated Psychos to be in five years, the duo proudly shared that they aim to be working as series regulars on animation TV shows and in films.  Also to create more web series that will be relatable to viewers across the globe. Chonacas  also shares that they just wrapped the second and third seasons for Couples Therapy Improv Show and they will be available on The Sophisticated Psychos Youtube page in early 2021. Subscribe now for ongoing weekly digital content on The Sophisticated Psychos Youtube Channel.  Audiences are in for more treats in the upcoming episodes! 

To learn more visit their Instagram and Facebook and popular She’s All Over the Place Podcast.

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