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Kellanova and WK Kellogg Co.: Kellogg Reveals Names for Upcoming Spinoff Companies


Kellogg, the American multinational food company, has finally revealed the new names for its upcoming spinoff companies. While the names sound familiar, they come with a new twist that reflects the company’s new strategy.

The new spin-off companies are Kellanova and WK Kellogg Co. Kellanova includes international brands of Kellogg snacks such as Cheez-It and Pringles, as well as cereals and plant-based foods. The Keranova name reflects its focus on innovation and evolution while respecting its heritage. 

Meanwhile, WK Kellogg Co. will acquire Kellogg’s North American cereal business, which includes popular brands such as Frosted Flakes and Froot Loops. The name is a tribute to the company’s founder, his W.K. Kellogg introduced corn flakes to the world in 1894.  

In an effort to enhance its operations and market competitiveness, Kellogg announced last year that it will divide into three distinct firms. The change was seen as a strategy to concentrate on particular firms and maximize their growth potential.

However, the company later changed plans and decided to house its plant-based food division, Morningstar Farms, in the more profitable Keranova Snack Foods business. 

The new name Kellogg has chosen is a smart move. It is easy to remember and reflects the history of the company while also demonstrating the changes and innovations it employs. While the name Kellanova suggests futuristic and innovative thinking, WK Kellogg Co. pays tribute to the company’s founders and legacy.  

It remains to be seen how the new spin-off company will fare in the market, but it looks like Kellogg is taking the necessary steps to grow and succeed. The company’s decision to do so is a smart strategy.  


The move is under the company’s strategy to stay relevant in the ever-changing food industry and appeal to the newest generation of consumers.

The name Kellanova may sound peculiar to some, but it has a specific meaning. According to Kellogg’s explanation, the “Kell” part of the name recognizes the company’s heritage and ties to the former Kellogg Company. 

The addition of “anova” combines the letter ‘a’ with the Latin word for new, “nova,” to signal the company’s commitment to innovation and growth. The name change also signals a new beginning for the company as it sets out on a new path.

The new logo features the recognizable “K” and a sassy, forward-pointing ‘v’ that signifies the company’s forward momentum as it embarks on its next chapter. The logo is modern and fresh, designed to appeal to younger consumers who are looking for innovative and exciting products.

But Kellogg’s rebranding doesn’t stop there. The company is also changing its name to WK Kellogg Co., named after company founder William Keith Kellogg. However, they’ve ditched the periods in WK, signaling the start of a new, unwritten chapter for the company. 

The new logo is based on Kellogg’s signature and elevates the “Co.” to emphasize the company’s vision as a 117-year-old start-up, taking Mr. Kellogg’s original company to modern heights.

The rebranding is not just cosmetic; it reflects the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. Kellogg’s new products will focus on healthier options and environmentally friendly practices. The company has already made significant moves in reducing its carbon footprint and is committed to sourcing ingredients from sustainable sources.

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Decision to Rebrand

Kellogg’s decision to rebrand and change its name is a bold move, but one that is necessary in today’s rapidly changing market. The company has a long history of innovation, and this rebranding is a continuation of that tradition. 

The new name and logo reflect Kellogg’s commitment to staying relevant and meeting the needs of its customers, while also staying true to its roots.

The decision was not taken lightly, and the company relied on input from its employees to come up with the new name.

Nearly 1,000 employees submitted more than 4,000 names for consideration, with around 20% suggesting a variation of “W.K. Kellogg (K).” Other suggestions included variations of the word “nova.” While some of the submissions may have seemed silly or unconventional, choosing a name for a brand is no easy feat.

“It’s not easy to come up with new names,” said Bernd Schmitt, a professor of marketing at Columbia University and the faculty director of the Center on Global Brand Leadership. “Many good names are already taken and protected by law.”

Despite the challenges, Kellogg’s employees rose to the occasion and helped the company find a name that represents its values and ambitions for the future. Kellanova combines the “Kell” part of the Kellogg name, recognizing the company’s heritage, with “anova,” which means new in Latin, to signal the company’s commitment to innovation and growth.

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Kellogg Innovates

While the name may seem unfamiliar at first, consumers are likely to become accustomed to it over time. As Schmitt notes, even a name that seems strange at first can be accepted and embraced over time. And with the Kellogg name and recognizable “K” remaining on the company’s packaging, consumers are unlikely to be confused about the company’s identity.

Kellogg’s decision to change its name and rebrand reflects its commitment to staying relevant and meeting the needs of its customers. The new name and logo are modern and fresh, designed to appeal to a new generation of consumers while staying true to the company’s roots.

Upon separation later this year, both Kellanova and WK Kellogg Co. will be publicly traded. Kellanova will use the NYSE ticker symbol “K,” while information about WK Kellogg Co.’s ticker and exchange will be announced in the coming months.

Kellogg’s decision to involve its employees in the naming process is a testament to the company’s commitment to collaboration and innovation. By working together, the company was able to find a name that represents its values and aspirations for the future.

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