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Kick Weight With Keisha for a Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle

Achieving the ideal body type for any person out there enables them to live life to the fullest. The boost of confidence allows them to wear whatever they want however they wish, take hold of the opportunities that come their way, and be more adventurous in life in general. Kick Weight With Keisha is a course designed to lose and maintain weight loss through sustainable practices without using supplements.

Keisha Gibson is personally acquainted with the struggles involved in weight loss. Many have tried different “healthy” routines and methods which may work but can be challenging to sustain in the long run. With knowledge extracted from her personal weight loss journey, Keisha demystifies and simplifies seemingly complicated plans to help her clients achieve fulfilments in their respective journeys.

Intermittent fasting is the practice of eating only on a specified window of time each day. Another practice is the ketogenic diet—putting the body in a state of ketosis allows it to utilize the body’s energy stores, thereby depleting it and resulting in loss of fat. These are the practices that Keisha found most sustainable in losing weight. The ketogenic diet did not give a sense of “dieting” as it did not leave her hungry, and intermittent fasting brought a sense of cleanliness and clarity in her by allowing her more control over her body and her time.

Achieving her ideal body and maintaining it inspired her to create Kick Weight With Keisha. Given that most people find losing weight to be a massive challenge, she allows people to witness her journey and transformation through her Youtube channel. In this way, she shows that it is not impossible, and it is doable to lose weight and maintain it. 

Through her course, she guides people through the intermittent fasting and ketogenic lifestyle and leaves them the tools they need to consistently practice it even by the end of the course. In doing this, she eliminates the uncertainty that comes with embarking on a weight loss journey and becomes a reminder and source of motivation when her clients might be reverting to old habits. 

In addition to the course, Kick Weight With Keisha also incorporates waist trainers and workout gear, which can be incredibly beneficial, especially to those aiming for specific body shapes. So far, she has been able to guide more than a hundred people in weight loss, with an average of about 15lbs in 30 days.

A 24/7 accessibility is provided to provide support for her clients. While losing weight is doable, it certainly is not a walk in the park, and often, a boost or a push is necessary to keep a person going. There is a community for those with the common goal of achieving a healthy body where one can feel beautiful in their own skin.

Keisha gains fulfillment in helping people become the best versions of themselves and, in the process, be confidently beautiful in their bodies. Find out more about Kick Weight With Keisha by visiting her website.