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Kimberly Cloud Show Giving People a Platform to Tell Their Story

Everyone’s journey requires us to take steps and go through stages that will mold our success. Sometimes, those chapters of our lives might not be a walk in the park. Nevertheless, they make our stories beautiful. If anyone understands that, it’s entrepreneur and producer Kimberly Cloud, who has now created a platform for people to share their stories.

Kimberly Cloud is not your typical entrepreneur. Instead, she’s someone who works “25/8,” as she would describe, always outdoing most people in effort and passion. She founded several companies, many of which have become self-sustaining and highly-profitable ventures. But one of her latest projects is close to her heart— The Kimberly Cloud Show.

Founded back in 2020, The Kimberly Cloud Show started as a way to help individuals tell their stories and leave a mark in today’s society. It’s an avenue for people to discuss their past, present, and future. “We all want to leave a mark, whether it’s by portfolio or on Google,” shares Kimberly Cloud about why she started the company. “Also, leaving your legacy for your grandkids and family is something many people want to do.”

At The Kimberly Cloud Show, Cloud brings her years of experience and expertise working as a producer at Santa Maria Community Television Network, Santa Barbara Television Network and TAP Television. The entrepreneur has also been mentioned in over forty-five different magazines for her many ventures and life story and has been inducted into Marty’s Who’s Who list. Now, she hopes to give others an avenue to do the same as she creates a community of inspiring individuals ready to shake the world with their stories of trial and triumph. By doing so, she hopes to make people’s dreams come true and start a motivation movement across various circles.

The Kimberly Cloud show has a vlog and podcast that has interviewed the likes of Claudia Garbutt, Erika Laszlo, Elizabeth Monroy, Soslan Temanson, Asha Wilkerson, Juan Gasca, and many other people with inspiring stories. Cloud guarantees that the next few months will only have more inspiring stories for watchers worldwide to enjoy and learn from. 

Kimberly is also known as the CEO and founder of Genuinely Michelle Wigs LLC, a company that provides top-quality wigs for customers across the country. She also built Blue Cloud Cleaning, a residential and commercial cleaning company that took off during the height of the COVID-19 crisis. Today, she uses her story, success, and platforms to inspire people, especially women and members of ethnic minorities, to pursue their dreams and deal with mental health issues that could be holding them back from life’s best. As a firm mental health advocate, Cloud hopes to champion healthy work environments among businesses and uses her companies as an example.

Through The Kimberly Cloud show, Kimberly hopes to help people achieve their dreams of appearing before the world and sharing their heart’s contents with audiences everywhere. Despite her success, Cloud remains grounded and focused on what truly matters. She stays committed to her family as she builds her empire and never waivers in her desire to build a legacy that will impact many.

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