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KMJ LOVE Seeks to Make a Fashion Statement for Kids with Special Needs


The passing of Racquel Johnson’s beautiful daughter Kaydence, born with special needs, fueled her mission to help families and children who were facing the same challenges she and her daughter had gone through. One striking difficulty she encountered while taking care of Kaydence was the lack of clothing pieces that were adaptive and appropriate for her unique situation. From that experience, KMJ LOVE was established.

KMJ LOVE is an apparel company catering to children, especially those with special needs. Through the company, parents can create a diverse, colorful, and fun wardrobe that allows their children to feel comfortable while staying fashionable. 

Stemming from a personal experience she holds dear to her heart, the company’s CEO, Racquel Johnson, hopes to help families encountering the same issues she had. While caring for Kaydence, she struggled in finding clothes for her daughter, whose situation was unique. The limited fashion choices became an even much harder task as Kaydence grew. At this time, what left Racquel appalled was the lack of clothing brands specializing in children with special needs. She knew she had to make a difference for the special needs community. 

At present, KMJ LOVE is the very first brand dedicated to families with special needs set to open a storefront. The company specializes in adaptive wear for those who have gone through tracheostomy and those with Gastrostomy tubes (G-Tube). The apparel pieces are strictly made with 100% organic cotton, considering how children with special needs can be quite sensitive. Moreover, the brand also houses colorful onesies, dresses, bodysuits, bibs, socks, and swaddles perfect for all the little ones out there. 

For Racquel, KMJ LOVE is not only any clothing brand. The company has a deep and sentimental meaning as the small brand was created to honor Kaydence. Through this brand, the company CEO finds refuge in knowing she is making a change in the lives of people who have special needs and families caring for those with special needs.

On top of helping the special needs community make a fashion statement, KMJ LOVE is also working on a special needs superhero comic book that aims to inspire, motivate, and encourage kids with special needs. Ultimately, the brand seeks to go beyond apparel purposes, “my aim is to educate families on how to love and nurture their special ones by creating a fashionable, safe, and comfortable haven through KMJ LOVE,” shares Racquel Johnson.

In the future, Racquel Johnson hopes for KMJ LOVE’s products to reach hospitals, children’s homes, and health facilities, as well as popular clothing companies interested in joining this movement. To reach every household and go global would be a dream come true for this wonderful brand.

While not many companies are laser-focused on catering to the special needs community, it is incredible to see brands like KMJ LOVE stay at the forefront and spearhead a movement that will spell out life-changing results for children with special needs. From this, the world will see the importance of establishing inclusive brands ready to embrace people from all walks of life.

To know more about KMJ LOVE’s products, please visit its official website.

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