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KRebels Look to Preserve Koalas on the Metaverse and The Real World

NFTs for good are now some of the most significant sources for fundraising. In August 2021 alone, NFTs raised over $23 million for charitable projects and organizations. Moreover, as the world of non-fungible tokens continues to expand, new players are coming in with hopes of introducing initiatives to champion causes close to their hearts. One such project is KRebels, which looks to preserve Koalas in the digital and real world. 

Nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine of these unique artworks will be made available on the Ethereum blockchain as the pre-sale minting season comes to an end. The Koala Rebels, or KRebels, NFT collection uses an innovative approach to build awareness of Koala species endangerment and deliberately raise funds to preserve habitats and help repopulate Koala colonies across Australia. Koala populations have been dwindling significantly over the past few years. Global warming has caused massive bushfires that destroy Koala refuge and kill many of these creatures every year. There have also been many reports of Koalas dying from domestic dog attacks because Koala populations move closer to cities to escape wildlife degradation. 

Koalas are now part of the vulnerable population and have been reported to be “critically endangered” in the Southeast Queensland Region. Accordingly, KRebels hopes to switch that fate by creating fundraising efforts for various non-profit organizations that seek to save the Koala species from extinction. The project has pledged a significant amount to Koala preservation organizations, which the NFT community will vote on once the fund pool is ready. 

The KRebels NFT collection follows the storyline of a group of rogue Koalas who have decided to start a movement and form a mass diaspora towards the metaverse. A total of 9,999 of these creatures in the near future will seek to move to the digital domain after a catastrophic event that has cut their food supply. “The year is 2099, the eucalyptus has disappeared from the earth’s surface, and the Koalas are very angry,” shares KRebel’s official website. “However, they didn’t count on the genetically enhanced ferocity and cunning traits of the Koalas to build the Koala Rebels movement. Humanity better watch out; the KRebels will stop at nothing.”

Non-fungible tokens have become one of the biggest news breakers of 2021, with reports of NFT collections making billions of dollars and donating millions to worthy causes. NFT for good has become one of the most popular categories. It raises significant funds for these charities, increases mass awareness, and creates decentralized autonomous groups that vote on charities to help avoid any non-profit politics or popularity games. This form of democracy is quickly changing both the non-profit and art scene. 

KRebels looks to ride this increasing wave of digital transformation. On top of having a worthy cause, the project also sports artworks of great creative value and a blockchain system that maximizes these movements towards metaverse and blockchain innovations. 

By seeking to play their part in doing good, the KRebels NFT collection hopes to start a movement that will positively impact the world. The tokens will appear on Learn more about the NFT project and other efforts to preserve Koala habitats and populations by checking out the KRebels website, Discord server, and Instagram profile.

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