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Learn How Decentralized Social Media Platform Bastyon is Changing Open Source Information Exchange Through Blockchain Technology

In the world of decentralized crypto innovation there is a term that refers to many within the space whether through passive investment allocation or project development of new capabilities within the space. That word is — “Utility Value,” one could metaphorically relate the term to any intrinsic valuable item such as a Swiss Army Knife. When you think of a Swiss Army Knife, you can define it as a resource that offers many different capabilities such as cutting, wine opening, tweezers, & much more. 

The reason utility matters in Cryptocurrency, is that it is a derivative or necessity across the marketplace in the determination of value of any particular asset in the Crypto marketplace. This thesis of value is something that allows the many projects of crypto marketplace to grow in Market Cap as new holders acquire projects on market liquidity as a store of value. 

Why does any of this all matter in the case of Bastyon you may be wondering? 

Well Bastyon is a first of its kind integration of blockchain technology into the world of social media with a mission of decentralizing the means of communication online. When weighing the value and usage of Bastyon we have to analyze it for its utility value as a bet of the future marketplace. In this article we will break down why Bastyon it is set to disrupt the corporate giants of the social media world & or government controlled internet censorship interests that have grown to have great influence over the freedom of speech and communication for people across the world. 

Bastyon’s Mission 

Bastyon’s mission is to spread awareness to their platform in hopes of helping people be able to share information across the world through their anti-proprietary nodes and blockchain communication technology. The goal of the decentralized social media platform is to give the world a way to share information without platform control & or terms and policies. This is accomplishable through public nodes & zero ownership interest in the platform as the public decides the direction and growth of the media platform simply by being a user. 

Corporate Integration Of Social Media Platforms Is A Growing Concern 

Due to social media platforms being listed as securities and or publicly traded companies, the platforms are at the mercy of profitizing and shareholder interests. This unfortunately has caused user experience and policy change in the favor of social media organizations to shift from earlier offered value the platforms gave their users. This in hand with the growing policy shifts and mandates at the government level such as in America at Capital Hill have caused a downhill spiral for Social Media Giants in the growing vice grip governance over their users. This cycle is something that Bastyon authors understand, and note that as long as there is monetary interest involved & or control ownership this cycle will continue. Thanks to the decentralization of Bastyon, the hope is to end the cycle of social media governance by giving control to the users of the platform. 

Bastyon Solves Internet Censorship For All

As the authors of Bastyon have noted there is a growing fear of further censorship with the internet globally. Thanks to blockchain technology Bastyon users have the ability to reform censorship with Bastyon. This capability is possible through On chain communication, effectively protecting users from government regulation. Essentially Bastyon can’t be blocked in any country as it isn’t hosted on any country’s internet grid. By downloading Bastyon on a desktop with a simple internet connection you can connect and share information without worry of censorship. During the recent protests of Kazakhstan, Bastyon was able to showcase with government blockage of the websites that Bastyon users were able to communicate and share information across the world without any censorship disturbance. 

Utility Value & Future Growth For Bastyon

Thinking back to the term — ”Utility Value,” Bastyon’s value can be shown through its many capabilities. As a decentralized platform, the users are in control of the exchange of information without the fear of censorship or regulation. Through zero sum ownership, user control of nodes and code, & on-chain internet communication — Bastyon is gearing up to change the marketplace by offering censorship resistance of Bitcoin to social network users. To learn more about Bastyon & or become a user, click here

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