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Learn How to Build Influence and Income Online from Jowy Cenat

Finding the motivation to survive the current state of the world is of utmost importance, and so is discovering new ways to earn in order to move forward. As many face unemployment brought about by the shutdown of multiple businesses as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a pressing need to learn how to optimize online platforms and how one can earn from doing so. YouTube personality and online content expert Jowy Cenat is helping people launch successful online initiatives through his book Video Influencer Authority.

Video Influencer Authority is a one-of-a-kind and effective guide on how to monetize a skill or passion by creating an undeniably strong presence online. Jowy Cenat reveals his step-by-step guide, most especially how he started and how he turned his exemplary piano skills into an income-generating journey. Not many would think that by simply posting helpful or attractive content online about something that one is truly passionate about, there is a potential to earn. Jowy wants to share his personal strategies to equip individuals to take bold and concrete steps online in order to thrive in this pandemic.

Aside from being a gifted pianist, Jowy is also mental health first aid certified and is a resident assistant. On top of these, he also likes to take special courses and play the piano in events. Personally, Jowy has made it his life’s advocacy to help people overcome their mental health issues. He believes that changing a person’s mindset is a good beginning. It may take some time, but the long-term rewards are life-changing. With a healthy mindset, people can easily make good decisions.

He believes in the importance of teaching people how to find a balance between work and pleasure to protect one’s mental health. Jowy also believes that understanding the problem makes all the difference when trying to strike a balance in life.

“Seeing others succeed motivates me and allows me to see how far one can go,” Jowy reveals.  

Jowy Cenat’s first job was with Free to Be, a child learning center that helped develop his skills while he was working with children. He also saw the significant positive effects of focusing on holistic health, strengthening sensory skills, and improving children’s sense of autonomy and independence. It was where Jowy got the opportunity to learn how a self-development environment can benefit young children—something that he was never taught while in college. Working at Free to Be was something that Jowy is truly proud of. Due to COVID-19, however, the learning center closed down permanently last March.

While the effects of the pandemic on Jowy and millions of others are quite unbelievable, he continues to see the good possibilities that lie in the future. Now more than ever, people are becoming creative as they are forced to stay at home. Those who have lost their sources of income are also trying to find ways to generate new ones. Jowy Cenat is one of those at the forefront who are ready to coach and share techniques in order to thrive during the pandemic. 

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