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Lifted Elephants Group NFT Aims to Lift Their Community and Save Elephants Worldwide

NFTs for good is a massively growing category, giving people the chance to invest in art they care about, possibly grow their net worth, and create a change in people’s lives. One NFT-for-good project that NFT enthusiasts should watch is Lifted Elephants Group, a collection that aims to save elephants from extinction.

Lifted Elephant Group is a massive collection of 14,200 unique Elephants created on the Polygon Blockchain. Each Lifted Elephant NFT acts as a membership card to the exclusive Lifted Elephant Group Cannabis Festival hosted each year on 4/20. Ten percent of the festival proceeds will be donated to the elephant sanctuaries in Asia and Africa.

Every Lifted Elephant NFT is unique and rare based on hundreds of different traits. Each L.E.G NFT holder will gain exclusive access to the growing community where the project heads will be giving away cash and prizes every month. “Our goal is to build a large community of like-minded individuals who love cannabis and music,” says one of the core founders of the growing NFT project. 

Todd Moeller is the CEO and co-founder of the Lifted Elephant Group NFT project. He is also the co-founder and CEO of L.E.G Entertainment, the entertainment company they formed to host the yearly festivals they will be hosting for the L.E.G NFT holders. This brilliant CEO is a serial entrepreneur and has started or helped launch dozens of successful businesses over his career. 

One of the critical features of the 14,200 pieces of Lifted Elephants is that they are hand-drawn and unique. “We are one of the only elephant-based NFT projects out now,” says one of the critical leaders of this artistic NFT project. “I have over twenty-five years of computer experience which allowed me to build an amazing programming and website design team for my company Moeller Marketing and feel they are more than capable of taking on this project and making it an extreme success,” adds the CEO. 

His specialization in community building gave him absolute confidence to build and oversee a fantastic community for all Lifted Elephant Group NFT holders. The locations for their yearly community festival have already been chosen, and different excellent artists and vendors will start to be booked. Then, Lifted Elephant Series 2 artwork will come to life. L.E.G.’s cultivation game will also be in the second phase of the build, along with their crypto token. 

The exceptional team behind this NFT project has designed an exciting roadmap for aspiring holders and enthusiasts. For the first quarter, there will be a L.E.G Cannabis Festival. After that, organizers will create the final travel and lodging arrangements and set up the festival grounds. And 10% of the festival proceeds will be donated to the elephants of Asia and Africa.

As the community of Lifted Elephant Groups increases its size and reach, they are looking forward to attracting more Cannabis users. They will be hosting themed events, and one of the highlight themes is cannabis. They are also looking at aspiring and existing NFT collectors and enthusiasts because they believe their NFTs are unique. Any person into NFT and Crypto would love to own some of their collection. 

More information on the project can be found through their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook profiles, website, and Discord server.

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