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Living the Dream: Zack Ross Shares His Empowering Real Estate Journey

Zack Ross

At least once in our lives, we will probably encounter a magical moment when a single vision spreads like wildfire. And after such a beautiful phenomenon, a person’s life will never be the same again. 

For Zack Ross, a prominent figure in the real estate industry, it was a seven-dollar book that changed his life and transformed his outlook forever. But years before he picked up that life-changing book on the shelf, it was a single childhood dream leaving an imprint on his heart that led him to become the successful person others look up to. 

One fateful day, when Zack was just a kid, he was walking down the street with his father and asked the latter if he could get a new skateboard. And when his dad told him that they did not have any money because they had bills to pay, Zack noticed a tall commercial building towering over them.

In that fleeting moment, the young dreamer was introduced to the world of business and endless possibilities. From then on, he swore to himself that he would grow up to become a businessman donning a dashing suit and engaged in the real estate business. And years later, he would grow up to be the man he always dreamed of. 

Originally working as a lab technician for large biotech companies, Zack immediately changed course when he purchased a book on how to close real estate contracts. And since then, he has been buying, fixing, and flipping real estate in the cities of Silicon Valley, including San Jose, San Francisco, Redwood City, Santa Cruz, and Vallejo. 

After being in the industry for quite some time already, Zack was granted the privilege of working closely with Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr for over a year. And together, the team built an online course called Home Sharing Management Company (HSMC). 

On top of being a hot-shot with his fix-and-flip strategies, Zack has also recently learned how to read people using a few psychology methods. From discerning mico facial expressions and reading body language to utilizing HEXACO, the dark triad, Myers Briggs personality categorization, he is able to pick the right people for his ventures. And using this newly acquired skill to his advantage, he can see where his prospects often go wrong based on their thought processes. 

Today, Zack is working himself to the bone to finish his book that is a blend of teaching how to flip houses and real estate contracts as well as how to read people. And as a leading authority in real estate, he is also doing one-on-one mentoring for students who have gone through Tai Lopez’s real estate course. 

In retrospect, it never occurred to Zack that his childhood dream would be the one leading him to live the life he envisioned. But with faith, dedication, and a whole lot of perseverance, he found his pace and made his way to the summits of success. And as much as he takes pride in all his recent accomplishments, Zack would always have a special place in his heart for his humble beginnings. 

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