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M2Thak Creating a Gateway into a Futuristic World with New NFT Collection Drop, Ready Playa One

Blockchain has given the world new ways to create wealth, and outside the mainstream cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens, NFTs are the latest in-thing. Virtually everyone is trying to get a piece of this new technology, from investors to business owners, creators, gamers and many more. M2thak, seeing the potential of the burgeoning space, has created a Ready Playa One, an upcoming drop designed to help enthusiasts build their wealth on the blockchain infrastructure.

In the concept description provided by Ready Playa One’s website, “Set in the year 2091, a parallel dimension was inadvertently created after the particle accelerator at CERN, The European Council for Nuclear Research, was pushed far past its limits. The world as we knew it was instantly changed into a video game type reality where humans were fused with AI and live inside a Virtual Reality.”

The new Ready Playa One NFT collectibles boast characters with different backstories, which have been grouped into three categories: humans, humanoids, and mercenaries. Describing these characters further, the website said, “The game is mostly split into two factions, Human and Humanoid, but some act as rogue mercenaries fighting for either side. The humans think they should have more rights because they are human. The Humanoids believe they should have equal rights.”

Ready Playa One is yet another creation that thrives on the enthusiasm around art creation and collection, which the NFT space has grown on. These digitized artworks have become the top choice for many art collectors and investors who wish to own unique digital art that has unique characters and catchy backstories. Ready Playa One taps into that and projects a sci-fi backstory where different groups of characters fight for their rights in a dog-eat-dog dystopian world.

Championing this new drop is successful musician, influencer, and entrepreneur M2Thak who has recently stamped his name as one of the digital wealth enthusiasts to look out for. He got on the NFT bandwagon early, and his social media influence has driven him to somewhat an authority status on everything NFT, and now, he has his own upcoming drop in these Ready Playa One tokens.

With over 12 million views on YouTube and a million followers on Instagram, M2Thak is a known hilarious street prankster, a rapper and YouTuber who built his name through his WorldStar series “Authority Patrol.” Growing in the digital space as one of YouTube’s earliest partners and stock investors earned him celebrity status and the opportunity to be in the same circles with celebrities like Kyle Massey, Soulja Boy, French Montana, and Bow Wow, Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor, whom he purchased a home from, and many others.

M2Thak’s goal is to create a new network of collectors and investors who are ready to leverage the blockchain network to build wealth. And with the announcement of Ready Playa One’s pre-release, that goal seems closer than anything else. Ready Playa One vouchers will be open for minting soon so participants can get their skin into the NFT game early enough. M2Thak hopes this gives as many newbies as possible the opportunity to have their hands dipped into what many wealth experts call the future of digital wealth creation.

Learn more about Ready Playa One and get updates about the upcoming release on the official website.

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