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Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, SpaceX, is one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the world today. That’s because he is clearly among the most innovative. If Mr. Musk where to get on board the green rush and start a cannabis company, how do you suppose he would do it? He would likely do what Mad Labs is doing.

Musk’s success is the result of his ability to understand that high-end consumers are eager to spend their money on two things: high-quality products and an exceptional user experience. Add to that Elon’s ability to solve the problems that have prevented the industry from making its next giant leap in quality while simultaneously making the safest cars on the road and cleaning up the industry and the environment. So what does the Tesla style of thinking look like for a cannabis company such as Mad Labs? It means taking the lead in consumer gear — specifically vape pen cartridges — putting cutting-edge vape technology together with top-shelf cannabis oils to create a superior vaping experience that’s also the safest in the industry and the most gentle on the environment. We are all familiar with the experience of trying to save money and ending up getting exactly what we paid for — a disappointing and unsatisfying experience due to cheap components and low-quality cannabis oils.

Mad Labs engineers understand, as Tesla’s do, that the consumer experience is only as good as the hardware and that a great vape tank is nothing without a great product inside. Cheap components can burn the oil, deliver too little. Mad Labs cartridges are built around top quality ceramic coils and Pyrex glass tanks rather than plastic.

All Mad Labs cartridges are filled with the highest quality whole-plant, high-THC cannabis oils that are Delta 9 Category 3 Certified plus all-natural terpenes — Recent lab tests have placed the THC content of Mad Labs cannabis oil cartridges at a whopping 82% potency.

Mad Labs vape oils are also free of unnatural chemical additives such as potentially deadly vitamin E acetate, propylene glycol (PG), polyethylene glycol (PEG), and vegetable glycerin (VG). No harsh solvents are used in the extraction. Moreover, every batch is third-party tested and certified to be free from pesticides, heavy metals, mycotoxins (aflatoxins), foreign contaminants, and residual solvents.

Mad Labs solves the problem of counterfeit knock-offs with an innovative authentication process. Each product comes with a scratch-off authentication code.

The code can be authenticated on the VERIFICATION TAB to confirm that the cartridge is not counterfeit.

Because of our mission to provide only the highest quality cannabis vape oils, the company embraces full transparency. Each product contains two QR codes. The first leads to third-party lab test results. The consumer needs to only point their smartphone camera at the QR code and they are instantly transported to a detailed certificate of analysis (COA) for the exact product in their hand. The second QR code leads to Instagram where we post all of our third-party lab results.

Here at Mad Labs, we understand that cannabis consumers want their vape gear the same high-quality, exceptional experience, and safety that Tesla brings to the automobile industry. Tesla became the most valuable car company in American history surpassing Ford, Chevy, and Chrysler, not by competing with them to sell the same products, but by making a giant leap in the quality and safety of the product and creating a truly exceptional user experience. Mad Labs is on trajectory to make a similar impact on cannabis culture.To Learn more about Mad Labs, click here.

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