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Marcus Barney on How He Generates Unique Financial Strategies

Marcus Barney

Marcus Barney, also known as HIM500, is a financial strategist who has mastered the art and science of personal finance for entrepreneurs. After realizing that entrepreneurs like himself do not get the proper tools or financial resources they deserve to succeed, he sought to acquire and create them himself on behalf of his community. Through his exclusive Recession Proof Mentorship Program, small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs can get the education they need to achieve their goals and generate wealth.

Marcus Barney became an entrepreneur at only sixteen years old. Growing up an entrepreneur, he became aware of all the “hidden” investment opportunities  that are not immediately visible to young entrepreneurs who are only starting out. He created the Recession Proof Mentorship Program to share this knowledge, teach financial literacy and help people become financially stable. His goal is to see everyone who didn’t think they could own a successful business actually achieve their goals. Seeing the lack of spirit in his community, he wanted to motivate and empower people to believe that they can provide a comfortable life for themselves and their families.

Through the mentorship program, Marcus Barney educates small-business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs on different kinds of effective strategies that can help them reach their ultimate financial goals. He teaches business owners how to be a leader in their business and operate it on their own terms instead of allowing others to control how one operates their business.

Recent statistics showed that close to 60% of small businesses fail within the first five years; 82% of these closed due to financial burdens. To help break this cycle, Recession Proof Mentorship taught over 100 entrepreneurs how to fund businesses from their own wallet. In total, they were able to obtain over $30 million in startup capital.

Marcus Barney owes his success to his hustler’s ambition and strong work ethic, which has allowed him to venture into various business sectors. At age 23, Marcus was able to own and operate a Boost Mobile store. Soon after, he entered the world of real estate. It was at this point that he was able to master credit and build financial strategy over the years.

Through his experiences, Marcus has been able to observe that  people in his community were not educated enough about financial literacy, which spawns countless problems not only in their personal and family life but also in business. He decided for himself that he would be the one to propagate financial stability and wealth education in his communities. His motto is, “Wake up and kill something.” This short motto serves as a quick and effective reminder that there is money to be made, investments to gain to build financial freedom, and a legacy to be established.

Marcus Barney has garnered praise for his unique financial and credit strategies that cannot be found anywhere else. Among many of his incalculable tactics is a guide on how to turn credit into cash & liabilities into assets. Marcus’s varied experiences have lent him wisdom to be able to convert basic life experiences into tools that are essential to those experiencing a financial crisis and those seeking to capitalize on their business.

Marcus envisions a future of financial prosperity and genuine happiness for all those who seek his guidance. His motivation to see his mentees succeed is only one of the many things that separate him from other teachers and consultants. 

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