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Martin Extraordinaire Teaches People How to Start a Successful Dumpster Rental Business

Martin Extraordinaire

Growing up, everyone was told that the formula for success is simple: be good kids, study hard, get a college degree, and find a stable job. It’s usually ranked in that order. But budding entrepreneur Martin Extraordinaire explains that there’s really no one way to be successful. With his dumpster rental business, Martin breaks barriers as his venture now becomes one of the largest and most respected in Central Ohio.

Martin Extraordinaire is an American businessman from Ohio. Even when he was young, he was already hardworking. Every season, he would be seen raking leaves, shoveling snow, and doing every chore or side job he could find. Most of the time, he’d do this not for the money but to see if his ideas could really resonate. His childhood was rough, with Martin transferring homes as he grew up. He finds escape and solace in creating new things. This was later honed to develop his entrepreneurial mindset.

Upon finishing high school, he did not go straight to college unlike what most would do. Instead, he enlisted in the US Marine Corps and reached the rank of a corporal. His infantry battalion was sent to Afghanistan on a mission where he served for four and a half years. It was only after this that he went to college. He took up bachelor’s in business for the next two and a half years and even continued with his MBA. However, he opted to drop out from the latter.

Straight out of college, Martin got hired as a store manager for a financial service business. He excelled in the job, raising stats in every category. But despite all the success of the company, he realized this was not what he was born to do. Things took a turn when he decided to start his own company.

His first venture was in commercial cleaning, where he accumulated multiple contracts of cleaning for car dealerships, banks, insurance companies, and office buildings. He later on extended this to carpet cleaning, maid service, junk removal, and property reservation. But he found his greatest success when he started his dumpster rental business.

Martin Extraordinaire boasts of his dumpster rental business as one of the largest minority-owned businesses in Ohio. Since its inception, total sales reached over 1 million dollars. He has also written 2 books and started his own Youtube channel detailing how he made it to the top through this pursuit. Right now, Martin is taking part in the One Comma Club for ClickFunnels. With his books and vlogs, he wanted to be as transparent as he could on how a dumpster rental could rake in bucks. He wants to inspire current and potential entrepreneurs, investors, and laypeople by creating his videos.

Visit Martin Extraordinaire’s YouTube channel for more extraordinary information.

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