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Mastering Fencing and Cello: The Challenges Jenna Ortega Overcame to Bring Wednesday Addams to Life

The cartoon character Wednesday Addams, created by Charles Addams, is well-known for her sharp wit, dark humor, and gothic appearance.

In the Netflix series, Jenna Ortega plays Wednesday’s teenage girl who must overcome the challenges of growing up while staying true to her unconventional roots.  

Many fans and critics agree that Ortega did a fantastic job portraying Wednesday, praising her for giving the beloved character a new, contemporary spin.

Wednesday has become one of the most popular characters in the Netflix series, and the actress’s hard work and dedication have paid off. 

For Ortega, the role was a matter of heart. She puts soul into her character and shows it in every scene she appears in. From her skillful lines to her physical mannerisms, Ortega’s Wednesday is a masterpiece. 

The adage “Wednesday’s child is full of woe” is true, but Jenna Ortega makes Wednesday Addams come to life with humor, heart, and life. It’s delightful to watch the actress bring Wednesday to life on screen because she has truly embraced the role.

Despite the challenges, Ortega persisted and was finally able to bring Wednesday Addams to life on screen.  

The young actress immersed herself in the character, researching the original comics and previous film adaptations to get a sense of Wednesday’s unique personality and quirks.  

Full of Woe

“It was show up to set two hours early, do that 12- to 14-hour day, then go home and then get on a Zoom and have whatever lesson that I had,” Ortega recounted, according to Variety. 

“Or show up to my apartment, [and] my cello teacher was already waiting for me. It was just constantly going, and if you could on a weekend, if we weren’t shooting the sixth day that week, it was, ‘All right, well then, we’ll get your lessons in on that day.'”

Along with her musical talent, Ortega had to learn how to fence in order to play Wednesday, who is portrayed in the series as a skilled fencer. The actress acknowledged that learning a new sport was challenging, but it was also a worthwhile experience.

“I never thought I would ever be able to do something like that,” she said. “But now, I could just go to a fencing club and fence for hours and not get tired.”

Ortega’s dedication to her role in Wednesday is a testament to her passion for her craft and her commitment to delivering the best performance possible. 

Whether she’s performing on cello or fencing with a rapier, Ortega’s talent shines through in every scene, making her a true standout in the series.

“I did not get any sleep. I pulled my hair out,” she said. “There’s so many FaceTime calls that my dad answered of me hysterically crying.”

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Burton’s Confidence on Her Abilities

Burton, the renowned director and executive producer, had full confidence in actress Ortega’s abilities. Despite this, Ortega was still feeling the pressure of the demanding role she was about to play.

In an effort to ease Ortega’s nerves, Burton reassured her with words of encouragement, telling her not to worry and that she was going to do great. However, even with Burton’s confidence in her, Ortega still found the task at hand to be incredibly challenging.

One of the difficulties Ortega faced was simply knowing where to place her hands during the performance. Additionally, she was tasked with the seemingly impossible feat of making two cellos appear to come out of one cello. 

This requirement was not only physically challenging, but also required Ortega to think creatively and use her imagination.

Despite these difficulties, Ortega persevered and, with the support of Burton, was able to deliver a stunning performance that left audiences in awe. The effort she put into her role and the support she received from Burton show that with hard work and determination, anything is doable.

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Ortega Performance 

Ortega’s performance in the hit show “Paint It Black” was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the incredible challenges she faced during filming. 

One of her most notable achievements was creating her viral Wednesday dance in only two days, despite a lack of sleep and the added stress of testing positive for COVID-19 while shooting the sequence.

Ortega drew inspiration for her Wednesday dance from the Banshees and Denis Lavant and rock band Siouxsie in the film Beau Travail, and her hard work and dedication paid off. 

The result was a mesmerizing dance sequence that captivated audiences and earned her widespread recognition.

In an interview with Interview magazine, Ortega described her experience becoming Wednesday as the “most overwhelming job” she had ever taken on. Despite the challenges she faced, she persevered and delivered a performance that showcased her immense talent and creativity.

“I would call my parents every night in a panic because I felt like it was different from any job I had ever done before where I typically have that time to sit into the character,” she stated at the time. 

“We didn’t really have time for rehearsals. I remember it being very stressful and confusing. I did the best I could, but that’s probably the most overwhelming job I’ve ever had.”

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