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Matt Corman: From Making Music in College Dorm to Touring the US with Icons

Matt Corman

Independent music artist Matt Corman lives by his slogan, Make It Happen (MIH), tattooed on his right arm. He landed his dream of making a mark in the national music scene when he released his debut mixtape called Bars Over Bass in 2014 out of his college dorm room. It quickly made waves with music lovers. Matt had no connections, had very minimal funds, but he lived up to his motto, and truly made things happen. 

Following his first success, Matt Corman’s career rapidly took off like wildfire. In 2015, he released his second mixtape called Speak First. During the same year, Matt had the opportunity to take part in many live performances. He became a supporting act for big names, including Post Malone, Fetty Wap, Sammy Adams, and Cam Meekins. Matt impressed the people he worked with, and so, opportunities continued to come his way.

In 2016, with his collaboration with Nicco Catalano, aka Neek from Los Angeles, California, Matt Corman further solidified his sound. Winter of the same year, Matt worked again with Sammy Adams in a sold-out concert at the House of Blues in Boston, Massachusetts. The artist was living his dream and performing in front of thousands of people.

A year later, Matt Corman made history when he worked with Fetty Wap in an iconic performance, which sold out only a couple of months after its release. He became the first alumni to perform at the Major Homecoming Concert for Southern New Hampshire University. In 2018, Matt made the headlines as he and other selected artists sold out the legendary Middle East in Boston. In November of the same year, Matt released his new project called Whiteboards & Windows.

After his rollercoaster of successes, Matt Corman decided to build his record label called MIH Universal, embodying his slogan Make It Happen. Simultaneously while the label was working with various artists, Matt went on tour with the iconic Aaron Carter. Matt gained a cult-like following because of his contagious upbeat personality, which radiates through his brand and music. His growing catalog currently has over 20 million streams. Indeed, without any big-name production company, Matt has dominated the independent hip hop industry out of tenacity, talent, and guts.

Asked why he chose to stay independent, Matt Corman said that it’s because having no other company to back him up fuels him to be the machine that drives his business forward. “I have complete ownership of my mastery, distribution, publishing, and brand direction,” said Matt. The artist built his brand from ground zero and said that pursuing his entrepreneurial ventures was one of his best decisions. “I have been able to quit my day job and focus full-time on my music and brand,” Matt said. 

Currently, Matt Corman has been releasing a song every Friday throughout 2020 and plans on doing so until 2021. His recent music has been used by famous Youtube personalities such as NELK ad FaZe Rug.

Matt Corman has toured across the United States because of his hard work and determination. His authenticity makes him an irresistible artist that music lovers can’t seem to get enough of. “Every problem I ran into, and there were many, I had to figure out a way to make it happen, even when I didn’t have the resources to do so,” said the artist. 

To learn more about Matt Corman, visit his website. Connect with the artist on Twitter and see more of his latest works on TikTok.

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