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Matt West is developing a mindful journaling app to make health and wellness inclusive for all

Matt West

A person who seeks psychological help is not necessarily an individual who needs to be repaired. However, some conventional people often mislabel these individuals, further damaging the latter’s mental state and well-being. Determined to lead a revolutionary leap towards acknowledging the importance of mental and emotional wellness, Matt West, the founder of Boom, uses his area of expertise to fight the stigma surrounding psychological health.

As one of the foremost advocates for psychological well-being, Matt West has dedicated his life to taking down the long-held stereotype surrounding mental health. And taking a cue from this pressing issue, Matt decides to create a platform that aids those who acknowledge and seek mental and emotional wellness through an app called Boom.

Built with the pillars of positivity, mindfulness, and self-discovery, Boom aims to help individuals in their pursuit of becoming psychologically healthy. It is a platform designed to encourage millennials and the younger generation to take a revolutionary step towards managing their mental health. Using the method of mindful journaling promotes these individuals to work with positive energy and attitude and practice healthy thinking patterns. In other words, Boom is an emotional fitness app designed to support millennials and the young generation in their journey towards improving and maintaining healthy emotional well-being by monitoring each stage of their life cycle, stress levels, mood, energy, and attention.

With everything that it stands for, Boom uses scientific methods to deliver desired results. Through neuroscience and cognitive behavioral therapy, Boom also facilitates millennials to discover themselves, build relationships, and increase productivity while monitoring the latter’s psychological state. Moreover, the app’s artificial intelligence personalizes an individual’s daily activities to help the latter in one’s journey towards self-betterment accurately. Thus, Boom offers an immersive experience to create legitimate data and produce research-based results that prove influential in psychology and mental health.

But underneath the company’s gilt-edged veil lies a founder whose altruistic vision propelled Boom towards greatness. Matt West, mostly recognized for his stellar contributions in the field of psychology, has been known to have built his app around his passion and love for the science behind mental health and emotional fitness.

Born and bred with a natural interest in the mind and people’s behaviors, Matt West manifested his love for his chosen field when he was first introduced to psychology as an 11th-grade student in high school. Questions started running in his head, and as time went by, Matt slowly became attached to the subject. Fueled with his newfound passion, Matt set out to create a career out of psychology. Now, Matt West is an American Psychologist based in Los Angeles who currently holds two master’s degrees and runs the Boom app.

In the coming years, Boom intends to gain millions of users across 150 countries.

Being an advocate for mental health in a world where several conventionally-molded minds still exist, moving for awareness is no walk in the park. But in this time and age, improving and maintaining psychological well-being has slowly become the younger generation’s number one priority. With Boom, Matt West hopes to empower people to come forward and revolutionize the stigma surrounding mental health.

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