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MdDAO Leads the Way to Reimagine Future of Healthcare – Summit Brings Together Health Leaders to Disrupt Traditional Notions of Health and Wellness

The idea of making healthcare more accessible has been conversed about for years. Now, however, the advent of metaverse technology is quickly making what once sounded like a dream into a near reality, where everyone can access the healthcare resources they want and need. The medical metaverse platform MdDAO is at the forefront of this new reality, connecting innovators and their ideas with experienced medical professionals to reimagine the future of health and wellness.

MdDAO is a first-of-its-kind opportunity to join a global community of healthcare professionals and tech industry movers-and-shakers. By coming together, they seek to disrupt the healthcare industry as we know it. The global healthcare crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic showed us that the traditional institutions that once defined our healthcare system have steadily buckled under enormous amounts of pressure. Yet, by showing the healthcare industry how to integrate and apply the capabilities of the technology available to it, we can create a medical system that is much more conducive to innovation.

How to stream the MdDAO Virtual Health and Technology Summit

The MdDAO Virtual Health and Technology Summit was held over Zoom on June 18, 2022. While the events of the day are over, MdDAO is pleased to share a replay of the event so that a global audience can continue to learn from the various topical virtual sessions that were held as part of the summit, from healthcare technology to cybersecurity. 

“There was no dull moment,” asserts Helene Blanchette, co-founder of MdDAO. “Hence, we are pleased that those who could not make it or experienced difficulties with the link will have a chance to see it.”

The goal of the MdDAO summit was to bring together some of the brightest minds across healthcare, technology, and business to pave the way toward a brighter future for healthcare. This ties into the overall mission of MdDAO — blending technological innovations within the fields of technology and healthcare to create the world’s first medical metaverse. The goal of which, according to Blanchette, is a broader unlocking of access to healthcare that has disproportionately affected underrepresented communities.

At the summit, speakers talked about topics such as current issues and problems in our healthcare system, new and evolving technologies for health, going beyond standard medical care through integrative health, advances in precision medicine, artificial intelligence in healthcare, and the tokenization of health. Others spoke on the use of Web3.0 and the Blockchain with regards to health data, cryptocurrency, and medicine.

Bridging the gap between health, technology, and medicine

These topics discussed at the free-to-register summit represent the future of the healthcare industry. The way that patients receive care is changing, and the experts who spoke at the summit are among the pioneers leading the pack in revolutionizing the world of healthcare. 

“Our 25 outstanding global experts gave participants a treat of honesty, a glimpse to the future, and a wealth of valuable information,” Blanchette explains. “In all, the event gave us great hope on what technology and the MdDAO approach can bring to the future of health and wellness.”

Some of the speakers at the summit included OG Arabian Prince, co-founder of rap group N.W.A., but more so of gaming technology projects, and the co-founder, and CEO of MdDAO. Professor & Vice Chair for Research at the Department of Public Health at USC, Dr. Chanita H. Halbert, also spoke at the summit, as did John Dwyer, President of the Global Alzheimer’s Platform Foundation. These examples only scratch the surface of the gifted minds who made an appearance at the virtual summit to share their knowledge with the medical community working to contribute to this medical metaverse.

“This is the beginning of the conversation, the first of a series of events and actions that we plan to organize using a shorter and more frequent approach,” asserts Blanchette. The events are free for the public, and provide first hand access to knowledge from the most renowned medical and technology professionals in the world. Through continued efforts like these, MdDAO will be able to push towards a more inclusive future for the healthcare industry. As Blanchette explains, it will take uniting the most gifted minds across the globe in these crucial research disciplines to advance the technology in a way that betters society.

The opportunity to network with these leading minds in the healthcare industry is precisely why MdDAO was designed. In creating this discussion about the future of healthcare, the MdDAO team is also developing a community around its platform that will further contribute to the creation of a medical metaverse with access for all. Future events will continue to unite the fields of medicine, technology, and business to further promote MdDAO’s goal of a more inclusive and accessible future for healthcare.

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