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Meaning of Mine Is a Women-Owned Brand That Creates Trends, Not Follows Them

A common misconception that influencers get is that they merely go around showing off their lifestyles. For Camaryn and Elle Swanson, having a platform that reaches out to thousands of people is the perfect opportunity to showcase their brand, Meaning Of Mine.

Camaryn Swanson (21) and Elle Swanson (18) are sisters, influencers, and fashion designers who grew up in Miami Beach. From a young age, they learned a very strong work ethic, coming from a very entrepreneurial family background. The sisters applied everything they saw and were taught as they moved to create their own brand, Meaning Of Mine.

Meaning Of Mine was born from the prominence of fashion in Camaryn and Elle’s life, and growing up on Instagram, they organically grew a following. It was only natural for them to create a brand of their own, and they decided that they wanted to make use of their platform for something more than just a pretty picture.

Meaning Of Mine is a women-owned and operated company that came from the sister’s love for fashion and fitness. It is well known for the string-type bikinis they produce, which holds up the wearer in all the right places. The sisters also produce other products like pajamas and sweats, that hold a comfort level to the extreme. While Meaning Of Mine mainly produces clothes for women, they also produce menswear like hoodies and sweatshirts.

Customers can directly order from their website and get the best quality product with the perfect fit. Each genre is a collection of pieces created to make the wearer feel confident, comfortable, powerful, and beautiful all at once. Meaning Of Mine was started to inspire other women and help them gain self-awareness. Camaryn and Elle want women to express themselves through the pieces they made and wear them with confidence. 

The sisters are also active when it comes to helping the community as well as staying aware of social issues. They have recently shifted their material to use eco-friendly fabrics as they join the sustainable fashion world. With their platform, Camaryn and Elle have created a blog on their website that connects young women everywhere to engage with health, lifestyle, fashion, relationships, and more. The sisters have also engaged in charity events and pop-up shops like Honey Shine, AWOM, OK Magazine, and Soho Beach House, to name a few.

Camaryn and Elle’s sister dynamic and passion for fashion separate them from other brands, along with their entrepreneurial family background. Meaning Of Mine is more than just about the quality of their brand as they pay great importance to the quality of their message. Rather than following trends started by others, the brand strives to create them. Meaning Of Mine prefers to stand out and be unique rather than follow the crowd. They specialize in lifestyle and are very familiar with their audience, making it a priority to engage with their following.

To find out more about Camaryn and Elle Swanson, you may visit their website and Instagram page.

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