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Meet Alonzo Gordon, Recording Artist Turned Serial Entrepreneur

Alonzo Gordon

Alonzo Gordon is all over the place for all the right reasons. He dominated the music business, and now, the artist is making waves as he explores multiple industries. Business is nothing new for Alonzo. At a young age, he found multiple ways to earn from various streams of income. 

He goes by the alias Zoe White, a phenomenal, international performing and recording artist. In his 10-year run in the music industry, Alonzo has completed five albums, various mixtapes, over 100 music videos, and tours all across the country. 

Some may say that Alonzo lives a double life, one as an artist and the other as a businessman. He is a self-taught audio engineer, music producer, radio DJ, and blogger. By night, he transforms into a petitioner. As an entrepreneur, Alonzo is an expert stock trader, app developer, basketball coach, and skills trainer. But Alonzo doesn’t stop there. On top of his careers, as mentioned, Alonzo also obtained his criminal justice degree with a minor in psychology from Ashworth College. 

Alonzo’s stock portfolio is impressive. He has acquired stocks from the most prominent companies consumers know today. Among his many investments are for Disney, Netflix, Coca-Cola, Snapchat, Roku, Victoria’s Secret, Hershey, Spotify, Chapstick, EA Sports, Grub Hub, Visa, Alibaba, and many more. 

Today, Alonzo has taken his entrepreneurial spirit to a bigger scale. He recently launched his three parent businesses that formally organizes all of his ventures. He is truly out of reach from his competitors and sets the bar higher for serial entrepreneurs like himself. 

The first among his three parent businesses is the Splash icons Worldwide Agency. Some of its divisions include a sports agency, clothing retail, a night club, a book club, hotel and resorts, food and travel agency, a music recording label, and promotion platforms.

Second is The Plaza Four. The company will handle Alonzo’s clothing line, shoe line, cannabis lifestyle brand, a model management company, a circus company, and a cartoon and animation department.

The third company is called the Innovie. Its divisions include a venture into the fuel and energy industry, a home automation system, a logistics company, a cloud storage company, and a meme agency. 

At such a young age, Alonzo already has so much to offer. He has a clear vision of his objectives and executes them properly. 

He has two other notable companies. One is Industry Surfs, dedicated to giving proper promotion and marketing services for upcoming artists, models, and influencers. The other is called Her Hoops, a company built for his daughter and his love for basketball. Alonzo took inspiration from the story of the late Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi. Her Hoops is a lifestyle platform for female sports and culture, highlighting female athletes worldwide. It also provides a basketball training and education camp for girls, recognizing the rise of female basketball players. Out of his love for sports, Alonzo is also working on his own sports performance vita-gummy.

Amid his impressive career run, Alonzo stays grounded by connecting with aspiring artists and entrepreneurs. To allow people to understand him at a more personal level, Alonzo launched two blogs where he regularly talks about his passions. Banana Cologne is where he expresses his love for different fragrances. On the other hand, Blueberry Cinema is an avenue for his all-time favorite movies and TV shows. 

“No matter how many independent businesses you built start to fail, keep going. If people don’t buy that product, make a new one. And if a business doesn’t work, start from scratch until something hits. But whatever you do, don’t quit,” Alonzo said.

Follow Alonzo Gordon’s journey through his Youtube channel. 

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