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Meet Intra Branda, the Houston Marketing Company That’s Turning Difference into the Norm

Intra Branda

Branding has become ever more important in today’s digital world. A good brand is one of the biggest assets a business can have, as branding helps small entrepreneurs get their business off the ground and big companies retain their market share. Intra Branda has made it their game to create game-changing branding for businesses of any size.

The booming new Houston marketing and digital media company is run by serial entrepreneur Aleksandar Urdarevik. He has been able to sign up some of Houston’s biggest names, including world-renowned jeweler Johnny Dang.

Intra Branda is a full-service agency specializing in both personal and business branding. Aside from branding, the company is adept at marketing, web design, app development, social media, and custom content. 

“We don’t think outside the box. We think like there is no box…because things would be pretty boring if everyone was the same.” This is Aleksandar’s secret to creating unique, memorable concepts. “Our clients choose us because they understand the importance of branding and standing out from the crowd. We’ve been able to develop these companies’ brands and steal market share from their competitors.”

The company’s clients base is composed mostly of entrepreneurs, businessmen, and people looking to start their own business. But Intra Branda also frequently collaborates with bigger and older companies planning to rebrand or explore new marketing tactics.

The team at Intra Branda understands what it takes to create effective branding that separates their client from their competition. Their new-age marketing strategies and custom content garner a wider reach and more impressions than the outmoded tactics employed by those of traditional marketing companies. They understand that attention drives action, so their priority is crafting custom content that people remember and engage with.

Intra Branda highlights great web design as an essential asset in online branding. New tech-savvy consumers are rarely willing to do business with a company that has a bad website. The company builds free-flowing websites that keep people engaged and convert customers. Even better than a website is a mobile app. The widespread embrace of mobile technology has spawned the development of app culture, which has created the most effective way to engage with consumers. The company also takes charge of strategizing social media accounts in order to maximize reach and gain more impressions. 

The mastermind behind the operation is marketing expert Aleksandar Urdarevik, whose entire career has been dedicated to entrepreneurship. Aleksandar had always held a special inclination for marketing. His favorite part about starting new businesses was building the brand and the creativity that went into it, and it had always been his passion to help other people build their own brand. In a couple of years, he was able to start Houston’s best marketing agency. His company slogan explains his motive: “Our story is to tell your story.”

In the coming years, he plans to continue working with celebrities and big brands to help them develop their brands and reach new milestones in marketing.Find out more about Intra Branda on their website, Instagram, and Facebook pages.

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