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Meet Kristin Sullivan, the Woman Behind The Bridal Retreat

People want special occasions to be memorable. As they are essential to them, they desire that the order of events is seamless. So they employ organizers to arrange it for them. Whether a birthday celebration, a wedding, or an anniversary, many seek the aid of event professionals. There are instances, however, that things won’t go as planned. For Kristin Sullivan, it was her own big day gone wrong that prompted her into the world of wedding planning.

It was over two decades ago when Sullivan finished her most important day with dissatisfaction. She reminisced, “I was the bride who had a wedding day from hell. At a 5-star luxury resort, I trusted the onsite coordinator that I worked with for months was going to execute and deliver. But that did not happen.” The wedding prompted her to establish Swivel Group Events and now adding to the brand, The Bridal Retreat.

The Bridal Retreat is where wedding planning married wellness. With her hands on planning experience in organizing and a profound understanding of what was missing in regards to holistic wellness, Sullivan takes her schemes up a notch. 

Before The Bridal Retreat, Sullivan founded Swivel Group Events. She exhibited a knack for destination planning and bringing life to ingenious concepts. She performs well under pressure and is adored by her clients and professional peers. Sullivan took on tasks like designing weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and corporate VIP experiences. She has worked with clients by the thousands and executed events for several luxury brands such as Jaguar, Land Rover, Collier Enterprises and the World Paddle Association. Recently, she has created a mini bed-and-breakfast in Florida for couples to escape to plan with her, in what she calls a ‘planningmoon.’

Apart from an event planner, she doubles as a host of a Sunday morning segment posted on Facebook, LeftoverCakeChat. It is aired live at 10 AM Eastern Standard Time. In the program, Sullivan discusses its and bits of weddings while eating cake and drinking champagne from her vintage mobile office camper. Sullivan posts the videos on her YouTube Channel for interested audiences who miss her weekly morning program. 

As an expert in destination wedding events, she has appeared on and has been featured in various magazines. ABC Primetime took notice of her prominence as one of her wedding got featured. Sullivan also makes sure to use her profession to benefit others. She is in the process of launching her own retail line which will donate proceeds to The Chapel of Honor and other charities for Veterans. Outside of her career, Sullivan enjoys paddle-boarding with her dog, Abaco, in Florida.

Making her own brand didn’t come easy. Like anyone wanting to establish a unique brand, it requires patience and experience. Even with the background that Sullivan has, she required another aspect that would make her would-be company stand out. So she sat with four other women who specialize in different self-help activities.

She met with Laura Brownwood, Kathryn McCann, Erin Leon, and Erin Washington. Laura is a nutrition and joy consultant, while Kathryn is a yoga and guru meditation master. The one who takes charge of negotiations and budget is Erin Leon, or more preferably called Numbers Ninja by the group. And Erin Washington is an expert on giving tips on gaining balance and self-actualization. Together, they married wedding planning to wellness.

Heading the female quintet is Sullivan, who is the chief celebration officer. With her motivation, humility, ingenuity, and creativity, she leads The Bridal Retreat to create better moments for many. “You will leave The Bridal Retreat with bundles of tools that will last a lifetime after four days with these women. It is life-changing and makes the perfect gift for the Bride in your life.”For more information about The Bridal Retreat, visit their webpage. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.