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Mental Health and Wellness Coach Stella Vidal Shares Her Whirlwind Journey to Success

While there are a thousand words to describe Stella Vidal, resilient fits her best. At a young age, she went through many adversities, including moving to a different country where she barely knew the culture. Still, Stella emerged as a true testament to the American dream.

Stella Vidal is from an immigrant family from Cali, Colombia, who relocated to the United States to escape the drug cartels’ reign. Moving to the Catskill Mountains, Ellenville, New York, Stella saw how her parents struggled to adjust and support their family. Her father struggled to grasp the language and learn while finding suitable jobs. “, my life was a whirlwind from that point forward,” she shared. 

Six months after their move to America, Stella Vidal left for college to carve her path and pursue her dreams. Her father was not keen on her decision. But Stella used his dissent as fuel and “chose a path that was completely unknown.” She fought, simultaneously working at part-time jobs to pay for her education. 

Stella Vidal obtained a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in mental health counseling from Nova South Eastern University. “Throughout my 20s and 30s, I worked as a case manager, mental health therapist, wellness coach, and real estate entrepreneur,” Stella said. Today, Stella is one of the most recognized mental health and wellness coaches in the industry, assisting thousands of people to achieve their goals through balancing the aspects of mind, body, soul, health, and wellness. 

Additionally, Stella Vidal sees what other experts in her field may fail to recognize because she is also an artist. Her approach to strengthening mental health and wellness induces creativity, realizing that people are multifaceted individuals. The coach uses art, poetry, and other mediums to help people obtain the balance they seek in their lives. 

Following her years in the industry, Stella Vidal explored other opportunities with her husband and partner. In 2002, the duo acquired their own mortgage company. However, the 2008 recession hit their venture while it was reaching great heights. Stella joined the thousands seeking employment during the economic crisis.

Thanks to her creative and adventurous spirit, Stella Vidal entered the modeling industry—another successful experience as she graced magazines and international television within a year. She was named in the Most Beautiful List, along with J-Lo and other celebrities. Stella was making waves as a Latina and was soon appearing in multiple television shows such as Sabados Gicantes and becoming a local entertainment reporter for CBS4 Miami. 

Stella Vidal envisioned to create a show of her own, so she decided to redirect her focus, seeing how the recession was affecting many local businesses in Miami. Stella wrote an entertainment television pilot called Livin La Vida Miami, showcasing local businesses providing entertainment, fitness, talent, and charity. The show soon reached national coverage and was recognized by major platforms across the country. Soon after, the show grew into an entertainment and traveling show featuring different cities in the United States. After the show started to tap into her time with her young son, Stella decided to step back and re-prioritize her family and continued with her passion for helping others. 

Stella Vidal continued to provide her unique mental health and wellness coaching to clients across the country, and yet another challenge came her way with the effects of the pandemic. Stella realizes that people are tight on their finances, so she has made her services accessible and affordable for all via tele-health sessions and webinars. “I am living my purpose and I would like to reach as many people as possible with my message of self-love and continued faith in the process,” said Stella. 

To share her knowledge with more people, Stella Vidal wrote her critically acclaimed book 7 Intentions to a Happier You, discussing self-love, her bounce-back story from failure, positivity, and discovering one’s purpose. Today, Stella is also a co-chair of a local non-profit called Joshua’s Heart Foundation, aiming to fight world hunger and gather kindhearted volunteers worldwide. 

Learn more about Stella Vidal on her website.

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