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MetaFans Out to Shake the NFT World with Their Upcoming Collection

People have been flocking around the NFT collection craze as many early investors and collectors have won big on early entries. With another extensive collection to make a debut soon, avid early adopters have been looking toward the MetaFans release, focusing on a massive collection of stunning artworks that promise to reinvent the way people experience NFTs. 

The unique NFT collection called the Diamond Club will feature tokens called MetaFans, 4,000 x 4,000-pixel digital art created by the internationally renowned artist Maxfield Bala, who brings a whole array of sports fans’ characters to life in the NFT world. 10,000 MetaFans NFTs will appear as ERC-721 tokens in the Ethereum Blockchain November 26th, 2021, an inside source communicates. 

The collection’s characters sport up to 800 sports-themed characteristics and variables that create thousands of differentiated permutations. This approach promises that each NFT holder will have a token unlike any other in the network. Moreover, the NFT has been praised early by artists and collectors alike for its intricate attention to detail— something that isn’t too common yet in the NFT world as most of today’s artworks in the blockchain hold more simple designs for maximum production. 

Moving away from the cookie-cutter approach to non-fungible tokens, Maxfield puts a lot of work into every piece, ensuring that all the MetaFans characters have personality and life to them. Bala is best known for his branding work and mural installations. He’s an art professional who has made a name for himself online through his vibrant street artwork and masterful approach to curating human experiences through art.  In the MetaFans collection, Maxfield envisions a sports-crazed world filled with excitement and bold colors that celebrate characters with different genders, ethnicities, and lifestyles. “We’re going well beyond the typical collection containing one character among a little over one hundred variations,” shares the artist. 

MetaFans takes the NFT invention to a whole new level by setting up a unique one-of-one experience which the team called “Owners Guests.” This feature introduces illustrated characters with totally unique features that make them the rarest of the rare in the collection. 

Non-fungible tokens have been the center of the blockchain world, for the most part, these days, often sporting an artwork attached to a unit of cryptocurrency on either the Ethereum, Solana, or other digital coin networks. NFTs have mostly focused  around animal characters,, fine arts, street culture, classical art, and others. MetaFans takes it up a notch by developing a sports brand for fans, mainly because it is about the fans. 

The team behind the upcoming NFT also looks to make a difference in people’s lives by pledging towards Cancer and Autism institutes as soon as 20% of the collection gets purchased by collectors. The MetaFans company also promises to take good care of its NFT holder community. It looks to launch a members-only merchandise line and a digital box ticket office that will guarantee MetaFans owners the best deals on the most significant sporting events in the world.

The minting price has been set at 0.08 ETH plus gas fees, which translates to roughly $350. But given the way NFTs appreciate fast, owners could be seeing rapid increases in that valuation as soon as tokens go out. To learn more about MetaFans and get early access to the token mints, visit its website and Discord server.

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