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Mewn Inu Targets A New Generation of NFT Enthusiasts with Exciting Content

The NFT space has grown in popularity and acceptance over the past few years. Like cryptocurrency during its early days, the idea of a virtual and decentralized financial (DeFi) system is exciting and impressive for everybody, particularly the younger and more tech-savvy generation. However, NFTs have gone from being an alternative digital asset to being a full-blown virtual metaverse with enough capacity to influence the real world just as much. Mewn Inu, in principle, may be just another NFT; but in reality, it is an elaborate attempt to influence the digital and real-life space and, most importantly, change the world.

Changing the world is not a mission anybody can embark on without a plan; thus, Mewn, a friendly cat and the lone survivor of the Mewn kingdom, is on a mission to rebuild the Mewn kingdom using approaches that are quite distinct from the generally acceptable in the millennia gone by. Following an age of war, conflict, strife, and bloodbath, Mewn is on a mission to rebuild the kingdom and strengthen it using alternative mediums such as love, creativity, and kindness. Mewn Inu, therefore, takes the shape of a 3D NFT collection that is set to be released on the AstroZero marketplace (the first marketplace on ETH without gas fees). The collection would be sold at a TBC price while the funds from these NFTs will develop and advance the Mewniverse.

Early adopters of the Mewn NFT collection will hold VIP access to the Mewniverse, granting them access to premium features and everything available in the Mewniverse. Ownership of the first Mewn NFT collection, MEWNESIS, will also expose holders to benefits such as an animated Mewn Film done in a similar style to other top animation production studios and suitable for the whole family. These VIP holders also enjoy the benefits of custom skins for their NFT designs and tax reduction on every Mewniverse item.

According to developers, Mewn or the developing Mewniverse transcends a virtual reality and features a clear plan to give back to society via its real-life influences that are still in the works. For instance, a charity-based establishment including a restaurant chain known as the Mewn Diner to give all and sundry an out-of-this-world experience will also be the venue of all Mewn future charitable events. Another real-life influence currently in the works is a fast-developing hotel chain, which would serve as a home for homeless people and help reduce their challenges. And lastly, in the Mewn master plan is a Mewnventure, a kiddies’ store filled with exciting items that could enhance youngsters’ experiences and growth.

Mewn Inu is an avenue for holders to secure their investment and contribute their quota to a growing metaverse and give back to society at the same time. A featured Mewn game on the DEGENMEWN gaming platform is another component of the Mewn suite and operates on a play-to-earn model where players from across the globe compete to advance and rise through the ranks.

To be a part of the Mewn revolution or learn more about Mewn, visit its website or join social media conversations on Twitter and Instagram

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